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  1. Cheapo POD Filters

    3A pod filter, cheap and tested better than the big name brands. Should run you about $30
  2. Cheap firewood SE subs

    Oaklieigh has hard rubbish collection at the moment, plenty of firewood out on the street.
  3. Gang movies

    Good call, one of my all time favorites!
  4. about to buy a 180

    How much is it going for? what is the general condition of the car? and what mods does it have?
  5. about to buy a 180

    I would personally avoid, in all honesty you have no idea what is currently wrong with it.
  6. Coilover C spanners

    I have a set of Tien C Spanners in the shed, don't need them anymore as I dont have a car lol. chuck me an offer if you want them
  7. Help Me Keep My Job

    Voted coz im bored, its not looking good however with 64% voting yes so far...
  8. LOL! - all i had in mine was a bee
  9. Got scammed for $12000 and my integra

    +1, need more info.. if you let us know exactly what happened with as many details as possible maybe some of our NS superslueths can assist!
  10. Computer cable

    Umm dude im pretty sure 3 rows of 5 is for a monitor input... its never going to work! You will need to get something that interfaces via USB if you have no other input options on the laptop.
  11. karmaloop.com

    How about we take a quote from trusty wikipedia: Karmaloop.com has implemented the rep code option to gain more exposure on an international level. I CHOSE to do this because I have spent wayy to much money on the site in the past 4 weeks. By me doing this I also get 10% off as well. Its entirely upto you if you decide to buy something from karmaloop.com, you can buy without becoming a member, but becoming a member is easier as all your details are saved. Having said that, I can't wait for my 2 pairs of shoes to arrive on Monday! So just to clarify, you get a 10% discount and that is it? You don't get a percentage of the volume that use your code? EDIT: I just looked it up, not a bad site.... http://www.karmaloop.com/krp/index.asp You get kickbacks for people using your code...
  12. super cheap auto

    Cool story bro, jokes. That's actually quite helpful news, it would be the last place I would look for a front bar.
  13. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Damn, this is turning into a beast! Cost?
  14. looking to buy

    Maybe try the sponsor's section for carbon... Thought i saw some carbon products in there.