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  1. Lets count to 100,000!

    fuuuuuuuark 912 drunk cyanide fruit punch
  2. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Small video I made of a 2 month trip around south east Asia I just got back from
  3. 180 Type S daily and New skid BOAT!

    looking the goods. Need to take some photo's!!
  4. no one will take windy point from us
  5. Phuket/Thailand

    who eats burgers and kfc when they go to asia
  6. Funny thing is you chose your option and she didn't lol and she is properly driving at Winton instead of. talking about it lol She's still an ugly bitch, her mother chose to have sex with her father.
  7. Phuket/Thailand

    Should have about 6k hopefully, We're going on a budget so it should be fine. Pretty keen for Vietnam and fmp.
  8. Phuket/Thailand

    Not sure if you've traveled to any other destinations in asia but we're going to vietnam, laos and malaysia as well. We're not staying anywhere fancy, probably hostels and stuff. Hoping 5k will be good enough.
  9. Phuket/Thailand

    Cant wait to get there leaving on the 20th of November. Do you reckon 5k will last 8 weeks in asia?
  10. Me and some mates went through a faze of going to haunted places on fridays haha. Schnidlers is boring. The fireman statue is complete shit. Anything good to suss?

    dat dere maxed out bc coils. Probably going to take out some collars and slam it some more.
  12. Wow you promised pics of gf and you didn't deliver. Car sounds nice btw
  13. who uses gaskets on exhausts these days.