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  1. NSW Spotted Thread

    Hey richo79 I think that was me. It's actually an EVO!
  2. Make : YAMAHA YZ250F 50TH ANNIVERSARY Kilometres : 1 Price : $3,300 Condition : Used Up for sale is my yz250f four stroke dirt bike. Always serviced with motel oil and engine ice coolant with ngk plugs. Have taken it out roughly 4 times in the past 4 months just don't have the time to ride it anymore. Bike has performed 100% every ride I have taken it on. If sold at the right price I can throw in some starter protective gear which includes helmet, boots (boots have a couple broken clips but still useable) and also knee guards. Comes with spare original plastic side guards in used condition and also stickers on current side guards are pretty average. It is a dirt bike that is 5-6 years old so it has got wear marks. Also has a bent radiator bracket so bottom bolt on left side cover dosent line up. Please contact me via text message on the provided number as I don't check emails very often and I do shift work so text are much preferred. Thanks Mobie 0450609680
  3. Yeah i report the plates 'N1SMO4' atleast 15 times a day on annon account, that will hopefully jam there system or get him off the road atleast
  4. Excellent cruise! Good to see you guys there. So who of the forum was there and what car where you in? What be good to be names to faces/cars. I was in the white s14.5
  5. nar me and him will here on the coast, he's the organizer for the cruise, ill be in my red s14 with green p's and he will be in silver v35 cos his 180's engine thought life was to hard and gave up lol, if you see us come over and say hi Will do
  6. 2013 meetup suggestions

    sounds good for our next cruise we'll keep on brainstorming to find some good destination points and get an event happening once everyone is happy Olympic parks good for me and its kinda a Nice setting for pics and stuff out off the way from the public cause its usually empty and heaps off parking, Im down for that we could meet up thier and maybe go Krispys for a doughnut and coffee Anyone from here going to the Wisemans ferry Cruise Sunday? Yeah mate about 4 from NS should be there
  7. Yeah cruising up together from silverwater boat ramp man
  8. You wanna attempt to do this battery tomorrow man?
  9. Awesome good work richo Sean won't need a ferry, he's boat will get across
  10. Planks will be brought along by some of the organizers and it has been confirmed that as long as cars are 80mm or higher they will make it
  11. 2013 meetup suggestions

    Cruise from Central coast to wisemans ferry is up for this weekend. Pre meet is silverwater boat ramp
  12. Hey guys I have copied this off a facebook post put on Team s14 and thought id extend the offer out to everyone. From what i can see there are roughly 100 cars attending but i guess that cant be determined until the day. I am thinking of having a ns pre meet maybe at Silverwater boat ramp around 11 at this stage and then cruising through to mount penang for the 'official' meet point. Let me know if your going to in Hey everyone it's On All 4s starting the year off with Sunday cruise to Wisemans hope all of you can be there! Where: Start: Central Coast Tourism Car Park 52 The Avenue, Mt Penang Parklands Somersby NSW 2250 Finish: The end of Wisemans Ferry Rd, Across the river at the Kiosk Car Park Meet Time: 1pm Departure Time 1:45pm Arrival Time: 3ish-pm How: Simple we get on Wisemans Ferry Rd and follow until we reach the ferry and cross the river (on the ferry, WITH OUR CARS!) Other: Ferry cost nothing, it's FREE!! CB Radio Channel 24, if you have a CB radio Kiosk is CASH ONLY!
  13. Cruise/meet to Kiama 2nd Feb

    There's a meet from central cost to wisemans ferry this weekend guys. It's being organized through skylines Australia so ill put a link up and start a thread later tonight hopefully
  14. Cruise/meet to Kiama 2nd Feb

    Could have cleaned my car up a bit Andy
  15. Cruise/meet to Kiama 2nd Feb

    That's Shawn that was in the blue s15