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  1. S15 seat belts in a S14

    there are four bolts holding the seat rail to the floor, undo those and the whole seat will come out (for ease of access to the seatbelt "catch/reciever") as for the trims, the rear seats have to come out, the squab (lower part of the seat) just pulls out... CAREFULLY! and then there are two 13 or 14mm bolts either side holding the top part of the seat in. then you start with the trim. the has several screws and clips you'll need to find before you pull it out. start at one corner and feel for where the clips are and again, carefully pull them out. you will also need to remove the boot trims to get to the rear seatbelt reels. follow the instructions given in the box and do them one at a time. its mostly common sense. as for the price, that sounds about right, i cant remember what i paid for mine but i got trade discount etc... so if your paying 260 for front and rear belts, then happy days Its actually 130 for the RHS and 130 for the LHS. so if im just doing the two seat belts at the front, can i still remove the trimming without taking out the back seat? or is that trimming all one piece?
  2. S15 seat belts in a S14

    I called autobarn, they said something like they could make it just need to get the kit in or something? They quoted $130 a side. Is that a decent price ?
  3. replacing turbo gaskets i think i got quoted $500, seat belt job should be at lease $750
  4. getting new ones are the problem. and ive never removed the trimming before, so i dont even know how they are attached
  5. its more than that isnt it? dont i have to remove the chair and the trimming on the side to remove the roller?
  6. theres a couple things, I think im leaking boost, so i wanted to get that checked out and have the gaskets replaced on the turbo. And my seat belts dont recline, so i need someone to install new ones for me. I asked in another thread apparentlyi can get aftermarket seat belts from autobarn, but then yeah i would need someone to install it for me
  7. S15 seat belts in a S14

    sounds easy enough, but i look at the user manual and it says to remove the chairs, and the plastic trimming on the sides i think? which i dont know how to do
  8. dam that sucks, i would ask the forum, but that would probably be asking for a flame war or something lol.
  9. I remember there was a link to most of the performance car mechanics here? cant seem to find it any more. did they remove it? like the 'stuff for sale' section too?
  10. S15 seat belts in a S14

    autobarn aye, alright cool. ill go check it out tomorrow. did you install them yourself? or asked your mechanic?
  11. S15 seat belts in a S14

    New from a nissan dealer?
  12. Hey guys, Just wondering if a set of S15 seat belts can be installed in a S14? As in will they bolt right in and if the clip on the belt clips into the clasp thingy. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JDM-2002-Spec-S15-Silvia-OEM-Seat-Belts-Roller-Assy-/110820018068?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19cd634794#ht_3520wt_1139
  13. Whats a good automatic car?

    what do u guys think of a sp23??
  14. Whats a good automatic car?

    hmmm a chaser aye, ill look into it parents dont like mitsu at all, otherwise i would of gotten an evo 7 gta =[