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  1. I have a sound that without hearing yours and just going by your description sound like its similar to yours. Mine is because the dump had come away from the turbo slightly due to loose bolts and when tightening on of them snapped. I believe the gasket is f**ked aswell which wont help. That is what I believe to be the source of my problem.
  2. 180sx type x lip

    ^ Thats the stuff
  3. 180sx type x lip

    ^ This looks like the ebay lip stuff you buy by the metre
  4. You can buy replacment clutches for them. http://www.taarks.com/product_p/nis-clutchfan-sr.htm
  5. Sr20det O2 sensor

    Awesome, answers my question. Its amost a brand new fat o2 in the new dump already just needed to make sure that both types would work Thanks heaps.
  6. I currently have the skinny type of o2 sensor in my s13 redtop and have purchased myself a gktech dump that was used for a bit with a near new fat o2 sensor in it. Now I know that the fat type as an 18mm thread and the skinny a 12mm thread so my skinny ont fit in the gktech dump without a thread adapter so will the fat type o2 work with my redtops ecu?
  7. If you like the way your current wheels sit then 16x8 +0 is the offset you want, if you cange the offset it doesnt matter what the rim you're going to change the way they sit in relation to the guards. If you like yours currently, look around for some 16x8 +0 with a better spoke design that will clear the calipers because on 100% sure there are plenty of 8's with +0 offset that will clear s15 calipers.
  8. A lot depends on the spoke shape man, some styles will clear them with the same offset as others that wont.
  9. lca ball joint

    You can get ball joint presses from Supercheap and shit. like $10.
  10. Bookmarked! This will be a massive factor in my on going turbo choise debate with myself
  11. magnetic pickup tool is basicly a stick with a magnet on the end. You can get them anywhere, supercheap, autbahn, repco.
  12. Basiclly what we have all said without really saying it is that it all comes down to a personal preferance. So as I said before shoot me a pm if you wanna have a feel of how me silkroads with 6/4 feel.
  13. My silkroads have about 10ish not sure exact number. But still if the BC's 30 clicks give you the same range of adjustment as your Cusco's 5 that makes the bc adjustment more fine tunable making it a better was of doing it.
  14. As you guys have mentions it does have a lot to do with the valving of the shock aswell as the where you have the adjustable damper set and the spring rates. When I bought my coilovers through Jesse he asked me what pring rates I was after and they were valved to suit, then some adjustments at home after install to get them how I wanted.
  15. So me turning my damper audjust to the stiffest setting and then going for a drive just to see and it being super harsh and stiff was my imagination?