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  1. Hey guys I am chasing a couple of things. Sellers must be willing to post obviously at my expense. First thing is a good working condition alternator to suit s14. The other things I am chasing is the plastic stereo trim (mine is cracked), possibly new door trim (would have to be in reasonable condition) and a rear parcel shelf that hasn't been cut. If anyone has any of the following please feel free to message me or post on this. I have attached a pic o the stereo piece I am looking for. Many thanks regards Michael.
  2. WTB: Full Zenki S14 Navan kit.

    Hi guys as per title chasing a full Navan kit for my series 1 s14. Will consider new and used condition. Thanks heaps
  3. Power issue unsure of problem.

    Okay probably going to try a new battery tomorrow thanks
  4. Hi guys, so I have a little problem and the person who normally helps me out is away. So basically what happened is I didn't start my car for a week and upon preparing to go for a weekend drive I turned the key and all I got was a rapid clicking sound (starter motor not getting enough juice I presume). I have only ha the car for about 3 weeks and according to the previous owner the battery was relatively new and should be fine. The car did not give any indication of electrical problems before this happened so I am not sure what the cause is. Today I had some time to investigate I jump started the car and it started fine. After I removed the jumper cables I let it idle for about 10mins and seemed fine. Although the multimeter only read 13.0V on idle. After I turned the car off the battery initially gave a reading of 12V but about 30mins its down to 11.3V. So options battery, alternator or a bad connection? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  5. I know its a bit of a long shot, but if anyone is selling one please feel free to contact me.
  6. Hi guys, So I've had my s14 for a little while and she runs fine. The car is only tuned to 10psi even though it has all the supporting mods to run higher boost. Anyway I've noticed that when I stop and put the clutch in the revs dip very low and then come back up to a healthy idle. The other day after driving to the gym she wouldn't start without giving It a bit of gas. I had a mate come over and have a look an he noted the car is running very rich at low rpm, he also took out a spark plug and it was pretty black. Im planning on getting a retune ad some new spark plugs, just wondering if I should check anything else and if anyone has experienced any similar issues.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone everyone seems to be thinking power fc would be a waste of money. Also waiting for powertune might not be such a bad idea. Ill look into whos going to be doing the tuning.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone my plan is to get a stand alone ecu, thinking power fc and the get another tune. Just to clarify we do have decent fuel in the NT (BP ultimate) and the car has a custom made full mouth dump pipe, 3inch exhaust with x force twin tips.
  9. Yeha the previous owner said the tuner is very conservative, would this result be expected for 10psi though and would tuning up to 1 bar really make that much of a difference?
  10. Hi guys the car is a series 1 200sx, it has a second hand motor in it which has no issues at all. The performance mods include: 650cc nismo injectors New kinugawa td05 18g tuned to 10psi Gk tech fan, dual copper core radiator, hi flow thermostat 77c. All hoses replaced. Hybrid intercooler kit Z32 covered with cold air duct Walbro fuel pump Turbo back Boost controller Nistune I think that's about it, anyway the car is on a very safe tune at 10psi and runs smoothly making 168kw. My questions are does this seem a little low? How much would you expect to make on say a 15psi? And what mods would be needed to hit the 200kw mark. Thanks guys.
  11. WTB: S13 wanted now! I have cash :)

    Still looking
  12. WTB: S13 wanted now! I have cash :)

    Feel free to text me on 0423045076 as well
  13. Hey guys, Currently I am looking at importing another S13 possibly a 180sx. I haven't been able to find one that meets my requirements and that is being sold by someone who is willing to assist with transport (I am currently located in the NT). Due to caring for a sick family member its not as simple as just flying interstate to purchase the car. Must be relatively clean and in all round good condition Motor must be low km Must have rego Classy and tidy mods appreciated Anyway I've had a decent look round haven't really spotted anything. Please feel free to show me what you have, willing to pay good money for the right car and will not waste anyone's time. Thanks
  14. 1993 Nissan Skyline - $3,000

    Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Kilometres : 132000 Price : $3,000 Condition : Used Hi guys, I bought this R32 a few weeks ago as a bit of project and with the intentions of getting it through rego and using it as an beginners drift car. Unfortunately I am being relocated with work on short notice and they will only pay for me to move one car so this car will have to go. I need to sell it relatively quickly so no time wasters please. Car would make an exceptional parts or track car. Car will start with jumpers but needs the alternator replaced. The good: Low km rb20det, manual, body is very straight, paint on most panels is good, comes with a few extra bits exhaust, apexi pod filter and boost controller, new battery and replacement alternator (needs to be put on). The bad: No rego, roof is faded, no cd player, interior is a little rough alternator needs to be replaced (replacement is included in the car) 0423045076, TXT or message on this site my is preferred method of contact. If its not sold by next week will probably pay to have it moved or leave it for my brother to play with cheers guys.Feel free to make an offer but don't bother with silly lowballs.
  15. Hey guys Im on P2 (1month left) at the moment and so is a mate of mine, yesterday he got done for not indicating and will be going on a good beheviour thing. He only had like 2 weeks left before opens. I told him he wouldnt be able to get his open license until his off the bond now but he argued that he will still get his full license but only have two points. Anyone know how it works in that situation?