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  1. wreck yards sydney west

    call Steve on 0449 727 686 tell him Pinchy sent you, he will help ya out.
  2. SR20DET ---> SR20DE Conversion

    Stop listening to all the douche lord posts. Damo and Kemp know whats up. These are your options: 1. Buy a factory N/A 180sx. 2. Keep it turbo'd and not give a shit 3. Keep your bommo drive it till you get your blacks. Buy a turbo'd car once on blacks These are the issues your going to face driving each individual issue. 1. (Buy a factory N/A 180sx) Being an import, you will be pulled over every single time cops see p plates on the car, Insurance is ridiculously expensive so you will only be able to afford third party, You will most likely lose your license a few times and by the time your smart mates who just drove around a normal car on there p plates get their blacks you will still be on red p plates driving a clapped out N/A. If this breaks down you will have issues being able to afford to fix it also. 2. (Keep it turbo'd and not give a shit) You run the risk of no insurance what so ever as any insurance company will void a claim once seeing it is a prohibited vehicle. You will have way to much power for where your driving skills are and will wipe yourself out. turbo'd cars are temperamental and you will most likely not be able to afford to fix the car if it breaks down as most p platers don't have a lot of cash. 3. (Keep your bommo drive it till you get your blacks. Buy a turbo'd car once on blacks) I really cannot fault this option. They are literally everywhere so cops don't batter and eye lid at them. Parts cost absolutely nothing. Insurance is cheap. You will save mountains of cash while you are not having to constantly fix a 20 year old car all the time. When you do have a full license you can buy a JDM car which will by then have depreciated even further meaning that 180sx you were looking at might even become an S15 your looking at (much nicer IMO). I have learnt this all the hard way by not listening to people. To give you an idea of the issues I have had owning an Autech S15 I have blown the motor 3 times now Have no interior Get pulled over every single time I get in the car Smashed the body up so many times it's not funny. Lost my license 5 times since I bought my S15. Wasted ridiculous amounts of money on the car to get it back on the road which has left me flat broke for weeks at a time. (p platers don't know how to budget haha) Now have the issue of running around with a turbo'd motor cause Autech motors just don't have the power I want. Be smart about it bud and take it from someone who has been there done that.
  3. s15 autech ecu help

    Interesting, that would explain why my car didn't pull as hard. I had the motor rebuilt about 3 years ago and when I got it back the car wouldn't kick out when I snapped second like it used to. That being said the guy I got the do it was the dodgiest person in the world. Miraculously this guys Silvia pulled way harder a couple of weeks after he finished my car off. If you need any help on the history of the motor text or call me on 0438870091
  4. s13. In it for the good times

    Shit just hit the fan
  5. s13. In it for the good times

    I remember when i got my first keyboard.... take this to the streets all of you, or pipe down. This guy knows whats up. Giving people shit about their car hurt'n is pretty low guys. Stop commenting on this guys thread unless you have something productive to say about his build.
  6. delete

    Cheers Benny I did my best. No chance he is taking my gearbox as well though haha. 6 speeds are better for N/A though Chris least thats what I thought comparing mine to yours after a drive in it. Of course you've been passenger in his car Al how else would you give Chris bloweys while his driving
  7. Hey guys, Got a guy who doing full spray jobs from $1,800 in pearl :hypo: The ones that I have seen have come out great! Just wanted to share my experience and pass on the number for anyone who is interested. Mike Northside Customs 0438881111 Just say Pinchy gave you his number.
  8. delete

    Lol so it begins again! Lets hope you take care of my Whoretech better then I did
  9. What is this in my S15

    Lol what a cool guy.
  10. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    Nah I have them on my Autech S15 and they are completely shit I had the type d pads and could not see any difference over running QFM pads..
  11. So why say anything at all? didn't your parents teach you that "if you have nothing nice to say... don't say anything at all"? Let Greg tell us about the promotions.... POLEASE!!!!
  12. Buying a r34

  13. New here! ^__^

    lol your hektik steve ya *enchilada*!
  14. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    The Intima Pads are shit... just saying