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  1. 180sx water leaks

    Hey guys ive recently noticed every single 180sx ive seen so far has rusting in the boot and around the hinges for the hatch mostly up the top near the hatch hinges though and im suffering from said problems but to the point where i have water getting into my car in atleast 2 places... What im really looking for here is common spots these cars rust/leak water into the car once they get a bit older... the guy who owned this car before me obviously didnt look after this cars exterior very well at all and its a shame and instead of palming it off like he did i really want to fix it because i love this car. Now ill let you guys know what getting and hopefully someone can shed light or a solution to this problem from there own experience or just from there knowledge. My car is leaking water in to the back of the car in 2 spots there is ALWAYS!!! a puddle of water in my wheel well after rain and it seems to be always getting into my interior aswell. The very rear of the roof trim seems to fill up with water (only just found this out looking into pulling the roof liner off so if anyone knows if the rear is clipped up or glued up and can tell me would appreciate it) there was a small hole rusted through near the hatch but i filled that in with silicone and in light rain that worked but with the recent heavy rain ive now noticed it hasnt worked ive looked all around the seals and over the hatch and cant find any other leaks so if anyone knows common leak spots around the top of the window and places like that please tell me because i need to fix it ASAP. The boot leak again im stumped i did notice it came in around the lights a bit at first so i sealed all that up and anywhere i thought it could possibly leak at all but its still getting in so i have no idea. if anyone has or knows where i can get a new rear seal for the hatch door would appreciate that to heading into just jap on wednesday so hopefully they will have one or can get one if no one here has anywhere else. Thanks guys any info you guys have will be awesome.
  2. Tips on a HD video cam.

    pretty sure its because its in plastic case which means it will have rubbers in the case to over a fair amount of time the salt may effect the rubbers im sure they would have replacement rubbers
  3. Lens Talk

    outdoor shoots i have as far as i want in studio only about 3 meters MAX i do have a 50mm already though i love that for portraits love bokeh
  4. Lens Talk

    canon 60D
  5. Lens Talk

    whats a good replacement lens for my kit lenses? i shoot mostly models... i want somthing sharper but cant afford the L series lenses i want and i dont know if tamron or sigma can be trusted
  6. Cartoon my ride! Initial D style Yo.

    What filters are you using here these look sick ive been trying to find a tutorial on how to make images look like this but cant find anything
  7. Diffuser question!

    must say i do use one of those little white plastic diffusers and i do see a difference in the shots for me, it does slightly get rid of hot spots. Also shooting cars you get a nicer lighting i fide without it number plates become un-readable and there is always that noticable section where the light hits the car alot more. Though having said that i have an actual big portable soft box i take to all model shoots with me now. i really only use the plastic diffuser on beach shoots where its just way to bright because the model wasnt available at the right time of day or at night time car events because moving around a big soft box is no where near possible haha
  8. Tips on a HD video cam.

    Go with the GoPro HD hero man id love one of them myself personally just for how tough it is and the waterproof bonus plus ive never heard a bad thing about them ever. i was lucky enough to pick up a real good video camera awhile back when sony let them have there own hard drives 250gb of memory is plenty haha
  9. http://vimeo.com/31410689 First attempt to do something like this so its not great and the quality got shot to hell thanks to the amount i had to compress it but hey the girls loved it and it shows how much of a hard job us photographers have sometimes haha
  10. who has bought a new cemera online

    dude if your not afraid of grey imports DWI is WAAAAAYYYY cheaper then digitalrev... although i do love watching digitalrevtv on youtube lol
  11. Ok so ive seen the photo comp pics and there amazing... but now i want to see what happens if your allowed to play with photoshop and how crazy you can get. Because i had a play with a photo last night and im not very good but i made a pic look nothing like how it was taken simply by using imagination, so i want to see what everyone else can do and how much skill they got doing it ok so heres my before and after bare in mind i was just playing around when i did this i had no intention of making it perfect so dont destroy me for it lol just using it as an example to show what can be done and if i took alot more time rather then the 10 mins i took slapping it together it probably could have looked nice lol Before After
  12. who has bought a new cemera online

    dont know bought some filter and a bag from DDP but as for everything else i get it from DWI
  13. Random Picture Thread

    Just something random as this is the random picture thread and ive never posted in here before lol Funny though isnt it how electricity can be so unique and amazing to look at yet so deadly lol guess that goes for most things in life really the better they look the worse they are for you...
  14. June Photo battle VOTING THREAD!

    Im with Sidd here there is tons of light there so focus would be easy there and using a huge aperture would help heaps aswell hence the beauty of the delayed shutter Ive taken a few photos where its been complete darkness and still got focus if you really need to just take a torch shine it at your subject let the camera get focus and then turn the torch off before you snap
  15. If anyone has it add me on PS3 user name is Thelostlegend i want to vs some people in multiplayer coz none of my mates have got it yet lol
  16. Any PS3 guys got Duke Nukem forever yet?

    yeah better off starting your own game and waiting for people to join dedicated servers ironic duke can get that yet COD cant lol
  17. Cannon 550D

    yeah cheapest ive found it is $948 with twin lense kit so thats a good price as for the camera dont know i went higher then that lol
  18. Any PS3 guys got Duke Nukem forever yet?

    LMFAO!!! where you got that vid ill never know but funny as hell you were holding onto that one in wait werent you? and its because if you liked the other Duke Nukem games you will enjoy this one rating arent everything and if the guys who rated it actually were Duke fans it wouldnt have got such a bad rating its not the best game in the world no but its still entertaining and fun to play
  19. Duke Nukem Forever

    everyone is slamming this game but i think thats because its being compared to new games like COD, BF and the like but to be realistic we have to remember if we went to crazy on graphics and what not it would no longer feel like Duke... if they make a next one im pretty sure that one they can amp the graphics and go a bit crazy because we got used to the slightly better graphics this time... If you loved the old Duke you will love the new Duke, as long as thats all your expecting... dont expect COD or BF from Duke just expect good old Duke lol so far im loving it even the multiplayer is awesome simply because its so old school arcade but with a hint of new school to its just right
  20. June 2011 Photography Comp

    so to clarify its just an exposure of atleast 1 second... and it can be still objects and stuff not just light trails and what not?
  21. May 2011 Photo comp - VOTING THREAD

    next theme bring it on lol
  22. s16 silvia chop

    looks to euro to me i wouldnt even bother... i hate new cars if its not broken dont fix it lol
  23. please help with pics for a present

    was more aimed to bring out the dad not the dog lol
  24. please help with pics for a present

    Hey bro im not sure if you will like it or if i went over the top but ive been wanting to learn an effect lately and decided your pick might be the one to try it on so here it is and i hope its ok...
  25. Show me your photoshop skills

    haha its just suppose to be some fun man if i were in school i wish my homework was to do this kinda stuff lol