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  1. Mini Bike Dirt Riders

    Hey guys ive had my pitpro 125 for about 6 years now lol umm i have the standard cannon looking exhaust, have any of you bought a cheap exhaust from ebay or shops?
  2. Forza Motorsport 4

    Hahahahaha I'm pretty bad at drift but practice makes perfect hopefully. Some of the cars you guys share a awesome btw!
  3. Forza Motorsport 4

    Got the game today. I havent played heaps but its awesome. My gamertag is ROLLAS13
  4. xbox sound problems

    It works now
  5. xbox sound problems

    ok guys now i was playing xbox earlier no problems what so ever, then i wanted to play again later but now i have no sound with my hdmi cable i tried other hdmi cables with no luck, now ive plugged in the old av cables and the sound works. any ideas?
  6. hey guys umm my mates sr20 pulsars gearbox is making a funny sound when in gear and neutral rolling. the sound is hard is explain its a humming grindy sound... any ideas
  7. What headphone do you use?

    Whats the sound like ob the in ear beats sil20t?
  8. What headphone do you use?

    Hey guys sorry if this topic has been covered before. As the topic says just wanted to know what headphones you use on your ipod, iphone, mp3 etc etc........ I use nixon 8mm wire blue ones. Thanks guys
  9. HT.Net:- Hills Cruise VII

    ill be there, not in the s13 though i have bald front tyres..... pm please
  10. overheating CA18DET

    thanks for all the suggestions guys but i found the problem, my radiator only has one quarter working properly lol not good lol
  11. overheating CA18DET

    UPADTE: fixed the thermo fan today and put some seal up in the system just as a pre caution.... but no luck i took it for a cruise and i can drive it for 30min ok then when i come to a intersection it overheats and i drive off and the heat will come down for like 2 min then back up, also the heater is cold and then becomes warm then cold again.
  12. overheating CA18DET

    nah i dont loose coolant...lol munners 91
  13. overheating CA18DET

    thanks heaps for the ideas guys i'll give them ago
  14. hey guys i own a 1989 silvia S13 k's, i've had it bout a month and a bit... but recently its been getting hot when ever it likes. I've changed the thermostat and the radiator cap, bled the system as well, but still overheats. i dont think its blown the head gasket but thats probably my next avenue. Any help would be appreciated. thanks