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    Hillclimbing in my FD.
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    FD RX7 Race Car
  1. Fs: Gt Wing - $250

    Price : $250 Condition : New SOLD
  2. Mattara Hillclimb

    TV Advertisment of the event:
  3. Mattara Hillclimb

    This is on again soon guys. October long weekend. Sunday, 6th Oct and Monday, 7th Oct. Mark it on your calendar. I'll be running again in my FD RX7. Hoping to run both days. Car looks a bit different now, has a 787 themed vinyl wrap! Anyone who gets pics of my car, please post up or contact me. Cheers
  4. Mattara Hillclimb

    Here's my video from the event guys:
  5. Mattara Hillclimb

    Yeah mate, RX8 18s, I run it all over the place, but not too much at Ringwood as I can't use the horsepower much! It's much more at home on Oran Park, Eastern Creek, Wakefield, etc. Cheers.
  6. Mattara Hillclimb

    Some great shots there guys! Can I ask anyone who got shots of my Black FD number 5 running Monday, if you could please email me the hi res JPEG files? My email address is: rx7racing@exemail.com.au Thanks guys, I'd really appreciate it! James.