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  1. Catalytic converter breaking down on inside and rattling?
  2. Server Upgrade

    Ditto. This site went down hill almost overnight when it was merged with boost cruising years ago or whatever happened with the hardtuned makeover. It got too fancy for it's own good. Take it back to it's roots. Get rid of most of the sub forums too whilst you're at it, especially the off topic ones. They make this place look like a ghost town.
  3. I may have a non working original head unit from my old '89 180sx. Also may have a CA18DET air box. How much you offering? I typically like to keep this stuff (hoarder$, but for the right price maybeeeee I could let it go.
  4. Under seat subwoofer

    Although I value the pass-through cargo space too much to put a box there (hence my implementation being angled on one side), you've done a really nice job with your panel work. Even if someone simply wanted to run factory speakers and an amp, that would be a worthwhile purchase just for the floor and amp rack pieces, assuming the spare tyre is accessible. I know from experience that getting all the edges right is a tedious job. With a false floor someone could easily modify it to be removable for track days anyway. Mount some studs in the panel below the box, secure the sub using wingnuts, quick disconnect plugs (or bannana plugs) on the 6x9 speakers, then pull the parcel shelf, rear floor panel and sub out in under a minute. The false floor is in three pieces. The main piece being directly over the spare tyre. So you can access the tyre by just pulling that one piece up. I glued a few wooden blocks down to the boot floor then screwed the false floor to the blocks. Could remove it all in no time.
  5. Under seat subwoofer

    This was my set up years ago. Full false floor, all made by myself including the box. Looking back I would never put anything like this in my car now hah. It was only in my car for a few months before someone wrote my old car off and the stuff has been sitting in storage since in pristine condition. If anyone wants to buy it let me know.
  6. 180sx restoration thread?

    Awsome read anyway. Don't be sorry, I would never have seen that update otherwise. Absolutely f**king crazy build that one. Need more links plz people.
  7. Aircon guy near camberwell/surrey hills area

    Does you air mix motor have a mind of its own and change position randomly? If so, let me know how they get on with that. I can only ever seem to fix mine temporarily.
  8. Hello, I am after a CA s13 drivers seat. Must be in the lighter coloured, rougher tweed material to match the rest of my interior. Failing that, I could be tempted by some type X seats, s15 seats or GTR seats if the price isnt very high, if so I will just buy a cheap CA replacement seat. Looking in melbourne only. Let me know what you have. Thanks. Will.
  9. Strange slant on SR20DET

    Looks like you have the special slant edition SR20. Only second in scarcity to the rare 'speckle top.'
  10. 10 years

    10 and a half for me. I remember when I would check the site like 2 or 3 times a day and it would take me an hour each time to get through all the new material. Now I can browse through all the new stuff from the past 6 months in less than an hour. Site has died big time.
  11. Hi, Someone gave me a little tap to the back corner of my rear quarter panel. I'm after recommendations for a good panel shop in the inner suburbs as I want somewhere close to work and home. So somewhere around Prahran, south yarra, port melbourne, south melbourne, armadale, Richmond, malvern, toorak etc. Not overly fussed on price, more quality as it's an insurance job/the person who hit me will be paying. I know there is a workshop thread but they are all very far from me. Need something closer. Have also done a search but all recommendations seem to be in outer suburbs. Thanks a lot! Will
  12. CA 180sx dropping a cylinder

    I live in inner melbourne, thanks for the offer though! Weirdly enough it has started running fine again. I removed the plugs and cleaned them, cleaned the igniter's ground and sprayed igniter plugs with contact cleaner. Was still dropping a cylinder after that for about five minutes driving, then after 5 mins ran perfectly and has been for the past 20mins driving. Weird weird stuff. Ill keep you posted.
  13. Hello, I have a ca18det 180sx. Today it seems to be dropping a cylinder and running like crap. This has happened a few of times in the past few years. However it would happen for a day and then when I went to investigate the problem it would run fine for months and months again. However, last week it happened again but it seemed to not correct itself after a few days. This lead me to believe the coil packs were finally giving up, so I replaced them with brand new oem ones. Sparkplugs were pretty much dead at this point I reckon from running a little with this problem. I cleaned them off and tested the new coils but the problem came back after 5 minutes of driving. The next day I serviced the car as it was due for one, changing the oil, plugs, oil filter and fuel filter. I also cleaned the afm and all coil pack plugs with contact cleaner. The car then ran perfectly all week. Now today it's dropping a cylinder again. Sometimes at idle the revs will drop so low it will almost stall. I'm thinking it could be something to do with the following: - the new coil packs I bought didnt come with the little piece of metal which sits at the end of the spring, so I used 3 of my old springs and metal pieces with the the new coils. The fourth coil I had to use the spring which came with it, it has no metal piece on the end of it. Could this have an effect? - I have a hole in the bottom of my stock muffler. Don't think this would effect the issue but thought I would mention it? - fuel pump hasn't been replaced since I owned the car (6 years) so don't know how old it is. - injectors? - igniter? Car is completely standard. Any help would be much appreciated. Sorry for the long post and relatively stupid questions (I should know better, iv been here long enough!) Will