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    That's excellent news about Ringwood. My 2 work colleauges & I are all members of the MG Car Club Newcastle & have been to the hillclimb a few times. We've always talked about how they should make an EC style circuit up here. underground32, if you could PM me details about the submission all three of us will put in one. We definitely want to see this go forward! Cheers & bring on the Ringwood Raceway!
  2. Your latest mod..........

    Thanks Dave, you wouldn't expect me to give away my circuit design would you! Heh yeah Lenny, but it's all done during lunch or after I knock off No worries, I can make you up a pair. They're definitely an improvement on the 180's stock reversing lights! Nice Josh! That's almost up to where your S15 was, isn't it? Taking it to the track when it's all done? Finished the rear right brake/indicator assembly. Took the plunge heating it up with a heat gun to loosen the hold the hot melt glue had on the diffusers...may have cracked the indicator slightly Very happy with the final results, may have to design a different power supply so I can adjust/limit the LED current & hence dim them... Parkers (115 LEDs): Brake (184 LEDs in 4 rows): Indicator (138 LEDs in 3 rows): Might have to dim this one, since it closely resembles the sun... On to the rear left assembly now
  3. Your latest mod..........

    Hey all Pretty quiet here so I thought I'd post my latest weekend's work. Relocated the battery to the boot & upgraded to an Optima D51. Car actually starts now if left for > 24 hours. Installed a free HID kit donated from my mate's new Evo 6, luckily both H4 globes so swapped him my +80% globes, labor & beer. Found some cheap LEDs online (500 ultrabright red LEDs for $15 for example?!) & made some reversing & brake lights. Solid steering spacer going in next weekend, oil cooler & LED conversion of rear brake lights & indicators to follow also. Also thanks to datsun180 for the stock 15" 180sx rims, I'm organising r888 rubber & extended studs + 10mm front spacers so I can get back on the track with semi-slicks...Wakefield in November!
  4. Your latest mod..........

    Thanks Brendan, it's certainly getting there! Taking it to the track really shows you where it needs work. I was wondering when the ceffy would get an upgrade, let us know how it goes!
  5. NIGHT CRUISE........! April 2nd UPDATED>>!

    Wooten Way is another one. They just ran a hillclimb day there on the 20th.
  6. NIGHT CRUISE........! April 2nd UPDATED>>!

    That would have been me Josh Just did a run up last weekend up Buckets Way to Gloucester, then Thunderbolts Way to Walcha & finally over the Oxley Highway to Port Macquarie before heading back down the highway with a small detour via Wooten Way around the back of Bulahdelah to home. It's a set of roads that everyone has to experience at least once. It can be done in one day or two, but it's a 7:30am start to 7:30pm finish spirited drive if you're doing it in one day. There's cheap group accommodation in Port or in Wauchope for an overnighter. Just my thoughts.
  7. Your latest mod..........

    Finally got my 30mm alloy 4 pot 300ZX front brakes in with some second hand rotors. Threw some Red EBCs in for the track use they'll see this year (green on the stock rears). After much bleeding they finally worked & quite well too. Tripped up to the Oxley Highway (via Buckets to Gloucester, Thunderbolts to Walcha) last weekend & I'd say this is one of the best upgrades I've done in a long while, I now have complete confidence in the brakes which I'm sure will work wonders on the track!
  8. Your latest mod..........

    Thanks for the tips Dave. It was the cavitation caused by the water pump at >5800 RPM that I found caused most of my overheating, even back on stock boost. The thermostat is out now though since the EWP went in. I've had my eye on an URAS kit for a while now, for exactly that reason. My stock front bar doesn't have a very big mouth. How much was your vented bonnet & where'd you get it from? Was it ADR approved?
  9. Your latest mod..........

    Installed a Davies Craig EWP-115 electric water pump with controller on the weekend. Very happy with the results. I removed the old mechanical pump & made up a blocking plate to shape out of 6mm aluminium. Used a 4PK815 belt to drive just the alternator (Supercheap didn't have a 5PK815 like I should have used ). Hopefully this solves my overheating problems at 1 bar on the track! Couldn't go more than 2 laps of Wakefield before I had to come off. Been a bit quite in Newcastle NS atm, is no-one up to anything?
  10. Who wants some cash/beer?

    It seems Jaycar don't sell my old unit anymore. I have found the one my mate uses for his lap timing though: Official Site. It's 10Hz & works well with RaceChrono. From days where we have both raced at EC his is definitely a more accurate unit. Well worth getting in my opinion. Oh, I should clarify, RaceChrono works on Symbian & Windows Mobile phones. Not Android or iPhone yet. I've dedicated my old iMate JasJam for lap timing. Let me know how you go!
  11. Who wants some cash/beer?

    Hey Steve, I have used RaceChrono for my lap timing in my last year of track days. It's available free for most phones & windows PCs. Used with a good (1Hz, preferably 5Hz) bluetooth GPS module (as most inbuilt phone GPS modules are not accurate) & it does a great job. I'm using a module from Jaycar & my timings are within 0.1 of a second when compared to the Dorian timers. Hope that helps!

    Hey Brendan. The 180 is fine, I worded that badly. I've only got a track license atm is all, until March anyways. Glad to hear it, there are so many great roads in NSW, great scenery too. I am keen but unless anyone around Newy wouldn't mind a passenger I can't make it. Hope to see plenty of pics from Friday night!

    I'd be pretty keen to meet up for dinner but currently have no means of transport there from Newy. Hence no cruising either Would you be keen to organise a Putty/Wisemans run in the new year Josh, or Thunderbolts & the Oxley up north? Given interest of course.
  14. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Just spotted a small black VW with a purple MARVEL sticker on it's rear window heading down the freeway, had to be someone on here right? Musn't have seen me waving from my red Corolla lol...
  15. I'm glad I could help man, I know what it's like to have no adjustment on the fan speed except either on or off lol. I've PM'd Taark too, cheers for that. Hopefully I'll have adjustable fan speed too soon.