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  1. if he let the chain slacken down the timing cover it can slip teeth on the crank sprocket. the little lug on the oil pump isnt quite tight enough to stop the chain moving.
  2. ke70 sr20det drift pig. *SKD-570*

    found some more shots. so heres a photo dump. this is one of the brackets that got ripped off the body at easter. bent the diff housing, the axle, broke the disk, ripped the panhard bracket off the diff and smashed a wheel. new r31 diff to fix the damage from easter.
  3. ke70 sr20det drift pig. *SKD-570*

    seeing as this thread got a shout out i thought i better update it! car was tuned and has been on two track days, both very eventful. made 246rwkw on 20psi, and drives like a absolute animal! took it to jdm park at easter and crashed it pretty badly, destroying the whole rear end in a big way. got all that damage repaired, took it back to make sure it still drove square and wasnt any hidden chassis damage, and lost 60psi of compression on cylinder one. so back to the drawing board, and time to save for some strong internals and get it back asap. finished the new radaitor support panel, removable center peice. installed, just waiting for pipework and paint. dyno sheet. loving the t518z's power curve. like being hit in the ass with a rocket haha test shot from after the crash. loving the lock this car has. now that the car was all ready for track time, thought id pull my finger out and build a car trailer. only decent shot i have of it finished, just got to blast and paint it and will be sorted. tows like a dream!
  4. coolant line removal sr20

    iv ran my sr20det silvia on the street with no iacv at all and it runs fine. just a little bit rough to idle or drive off straight away on a cold morning but all good apart from that. if you remove the iacv, just got to set the base idle by the adjustable stopper on the throttle wheel.

    ahahaha thats on my mates bluebird! stolen from my wall! haha
  6. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    i can sort one out for you? just a hassle sending somehting like that tho. :/ let me know if you need it.
  7. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    has there been any thought on something like this for s13-14/15? i know there is stupid amounts of things available for these chassis already, but for a street/drift car they would be ideal. if you go over the pits or just dont want to drive with modded knuckles on the street its just 4 bolts away and a quick adjust and its back to stock. anybody get where im coming from?
  8. Epic car fail thread

    took me a little whyle to see the blue trimmings, was fixated by the stupid tail lights haha
  9. ke70 sr20det drift pig. *SKD-570*

    more progress!! tailshaft spacer made, tailshaft in. gearbox crossmember and mount done. got abit fancy with it but turned out pretty well. and some gauges. had never really had any gauges in this apart from a boost gauge. now has digital water temp, oil temp and oil pressure. cable ties for the win. haha not long now and it will be done ready for tune. just fit radiator, intercooler and panels. will be finished in no time! getting keen.
  10. ke70 sr20det drift pig. *SKD-570*

    nope nether can i making a new clutch hard line tonight then got to spend some time on the lathe making up this tailshaft spacer.
  11. Fabrication Pics Thread

    here is some stuff i made for my track car yesterday. my tig welding is improving, but still need much more practice. last of all, a close up of one of my tig welds. its probly crap in the eyes of a pro welder. but im pretty happy with it
  12. ke70 sr20det drift pig. *SKD-570*

    had a quiet saturday night in the shed. made some decent progress. now to make the new gearbox xmember and tailshaft spacer. all coming together finally. had solid engine mounts but they got really annoying after awhile. i struggled to find gauges that could take the vibrations and live more than a track day. got creative and made these. because i moved the motor back in the engine bay, the plenum took up the room where the clutch master cylinder sat. finally found a position that worked in the cab. last of all, a close up of one of my tig welds. its probly crap in the eyes of a pro welder. but im pretty happy with it