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  1. 180sx carpet

    Black, dusty but in good condition, with only light wear and no tears. $250 + postage from 2905
  2. Bride fabric

    $65 delivered anywhere in australia Sizes of the pieces are roughly 110 x 150cm and 55 x 150cm
  3. 180sx carbon fiber bonnet, never used SOLD Mobile: 0411 266 913
  4. Dropping the price to $5k, part it out and make a profit. About 60k km done since the engine and suspension rebuild. Need this gone as soon as possible so I'm open to offers. Please call or sms my mobile: 0411 266 913 Engine rebuild was done by Greg from Pro Engines (www.proengines.com.au) and I have full receipts for the build Mods: HKS gt28/35 turbo Wiseco pistons Argo rods O-ringed block and head HKS stage 2 cams tomei adjustable cam gears custom intake manifold sard 700cc injectors sard fuel reg gtr32 radiator Blitz front mount intercooler Custom GCG exhaust manifold and dump pipe (cost $2.6k) with full 3" exhaust Varex muffler (remote controllable exhaust note) Haltex ecu with good tune (spent about $7k in tuning to get coldstart etc right for daily driving) 9 puck ceramo-metallic clutch Cusco 2-way LSD z32 front discs with z32 calipers whiteline swaybars and bushing kit tein HE coilovers ARC 180sx rear wing Defi oil pressure, boost pressure, oil temp and exhaust temp gauges and controller c'z short shifter bride driver seat removable 5 point harness and mounts Known issues: left power steering rack has a slow leak and will eventually need to be fixed clear coat on roof is peeling and needs a respray Pics:
  5. Koenig 18x9+22, 18x10+9 rims

    bump with updated pricing
  6. My mobile number is 0411 266 913 s13 rear 5 stud conversion kit. Comes with two hubs and two bearings that need to be pressed onto the hubs Looking for $100 RDA front z32 discs Looking for $50 RDA rear s13 discs, 5 stud suit above 5 stud conversion, looking for $50
  7. SOLD Selling a set of 4 Koenig rims, 18x9 +22offset and 18x10 +9offset. 5 stud x 114.3. They are nicely boxed up and ready to send. Buyer pays courier fees from Canberra postcode 2905 preferably via packsend.com.au Mobile: 0411 266 913
  8. ca18det cams?

    From the various people that Ive talked to, the general consensus seems to be to go as much duration as possible for both in/ex as possible. I'm using hks 264/9mm in/ex on mine and havent noticed much power loss down low nor has the idle changed. Anything over 9mm lift and Ive been told that you need solid lifters/upgraded springs.
  9. who are? going by their reputation, best to stay clear? though JUN and Tomei are on order basis. Then you have all the reputable cam grinders I had some after market cams made up by some mob in Brisbane (was 3+years ago so I forgot the name) and the metal they used didnt suit the lifters which caused the metal on the lobes to start to swirl and eventually chip away. If you get reground cams make sure you get someone who knows what theyre doing. I'm currently using hks stage 2 cams, 264 deg, 9mm lift and I havent noticed any negatives by going to bigger cams, the idle / low down response has stayed the same for me. Ive also heard others recommend getting the biggest cams possible on ca18s, 9mm lift is about the biggest you can go without solid lifters too from memory.
  10. Ive got exactly the same problem. My mechanic wrote it off to cams (hks 262deg 9mm). Is your car stock?
  11. So do I need a new center bit with the reverse lights or the metal bit that sits between that and the bumper or both?
  12. skid'n'drift day @ sutton rd

    Do you still have room for the skidpan day? ive sent you a pm and no reply. Email me at discl at internode.on.net and i'll make the deposit today. Thanks