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  1. Hey guys, been out of the country for a few years & wanted to come back for a visit. Wanted to see if anyone has or knows someone that will rent their car out for a week. Just a basic family car, not their silvia lol
  2. Been a while, this website is so glitchy from this side of the world. I'm running a 205/55R16 on 16x8 rims. I really don't know why I was running my pressures so high lol. I run 32psi front & 30psi rear cold now. Abit of an update, I've been driving my car as a daily to commute to & from work & I can say I'm pretty happy with it. For the first time its actually a pleasure driving it. With the fuel quality so poor here in Vancouver I'm thinking of going E85 (getting some knock under boost) but that's another thread which I'll need some insight soon.
  3. Wow, thanks for the insight into ur experience. I still believe that engine mounts make a difference. Totally agree with u on the gearbox mount. I'm running gktech arms in the rear & hardrace castor arms (gktech had ran out at the time I ordered) my bc coilovers are actually very comfortable when turned all the way soft (damper) the one thing that help the most with drivability was tyre pressure. for some reason, I was always running them high (38/40psi) maybe cause I've always worked on euro cars and their mostly that high. but once I looked up the stock pressure & set mine around there, damn its a different car! (stock is 2 Bar) For now I'm pretty happy with the Nismo gearbox mount (or tranny mount here in North America lol) & Cusco engine mounts. I think the main thing to look out for when it comes to engine mounts for the s-chassis, is to look at the design of the mount. If its just one piece that is held by a single bolt, your not gonna enjoy it. whereas the stock, nismo, cusco & drift freaq ones are pretty much 2 pieces to insulate the vibrations. On a side note, I drove for the first time with just the dump pipe & down pipe on... Don't do it lol
  4. was thinking of modding the brace but I'm not very happy with the nismo mounts, they aren't much different in terms of vibration. sick of the car feeling like a track car, wanna go on long road trips thru the states without my teeth fillings falling out.
  5. Bad news, the nismo engine mounts cause the engine to touch the brace. Looking into the Cusco ones or drift freaq ones. Will update again soon
  6. Sweet, I'll update this thread once I get them in (fingers crossed)
  7. Yep that's the brace. I've read that the Nismo mounts sit a lot higher than stock, must be kids with blown mounts that fit them then say they sit a lot higher. I've only got about 30mm between the brace & cover. Might give them a try.
  8. The engine mounts can be purchased individually if one is offset but good point on the height. Not sure which ones to get. The Cusco ones look like they would be as bad as the solid polys. Stock maybe? Which ones have you run bling?
  9. Standard crossmember, sr20det & Tomei 3 point brace Standard crossmember, sr20det & Tomei 3 point brace
  10. Sup guys, been a while. Living in Canada now but got my 180 here with me. Just wanted to see if anyone has run the Skyline Nismo engine mounts (11220-RS580) in their S13? Sick of the solid poly ones I have & dont think the S13 Nismo ones will work (motor will hit strut brace). What mounts are you running & how soft/hard are they? Vibration? Thanks in advance.
  11. apexi power fc problems

    Care to elaborate? Just wanna know more (not being a smart ass)
  12. Throttle body upgrade

    Can make good power without upgrade, spend the money else where
  13. 180sx SR20DET (Unfinished Project)

    Make an offer guys, worst I can say is no. Leaving the country for good in two weeks, try your luck.
  14. Engine part brands

    I tried the Tomei Rocket arms ones & got defected for flying. ​
  15. Baby Godzilla Problems.

    Might aswell do the clutch while everything is out.