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  1. its jsut as good as the michael jacksons dies!
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Javi Mula - Come on
  3. Not a MILF

    totally fcked, although shes good lookin enough to rape me
  4. Best time to drink beer?

    any time is beer time,
  5. More Top Sex Bumper Stickers

    make em, ill stick em on me car lol
  6. youtubing that shiz if ur on
  7. ADM street meet #3

    news is in, that there may be rain! lets skate
  8. thats fcking smart, pretty much 1 dollaar everytime someone bids, one item could get over 1000+ bids,
  9. Kanye West = C**khead

    big b**** sook, id say
  10. favourite alcohol drink

    jim beam & woodstovk pre mix long necks ftw
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    pitbull - i know you want mme
  12. apprenticeship wages

    i was 18 wen i started as a labour for 18 an hr, then ask for apprenticeship now on 22 an hr, now im 19