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  1. Indoor karts at thornton

    I went there on the day they opened (monday) and had a go. Its 25 dollars for a 10 min race so you fit roughly 25 laps in or so. I think its 50 dollars for 3 races. I think its worth the money though cause those karts are so damn fun! I was mainly focusing on drifting them though, thats what i paid the money for! Oh make sure you get in early too because they are giving out licences for free for a short time.
  2. power fc or microtech

    Personally I think you would be better off with PowerFC. Very user friendly and IMO the best computer for the RB20. I bought a PFC for my R33 GTST just recently and it cost me 1350 2nd hand which is pretty fair considering how high in demand they are now. Justin at Blacktrack suggested it over the microtech and he will be tuning the car so its probably wise to listen to the guy!
  3. HOT4s BACK IN TOWN on the 23rd and 24th

    lol @ Fast and furious Supra! 2JZ ENGINE NO SH**!!! Ill see if i can make it as well, will probably be a bit after 12 or so... 1 at the latest. Hey andrew get your car off the road and get that GT30 on it! Im looking forward to seeing how much power she makes... Then you can stop in at my work and show me haha. Im still saving for my GT3540 plus injectors, AFM and tune for my powerfc. Bloody money pit of a car! Cheers Mitch
  4. Whos who in newy

    Yep it sure is Lintons old car... Would have no idea what he has now though! He went from the line to the SS ute and then a Rex. Im pretty sure he sold that too Thanks to him though this car has super stiff suspension and takes corners like its on rails... as long as it doesnt slide out
  5. Whos who in newy

    Yep surely is Nelson Bay, it was ages ago now though... I miss my 400r front bar lol Yeah I still use SAU all the time for the classifieds and such but you are correct about the spam haha... School holidays are over now it might be a little bit better now though due to the kiddies going back to school and getting off our forums haha Very nice 15 you have there btw, I think i saw it in westfield kotara carpark once... I cant even get my car in there without scraping my exhaust on every little bump haha Mitch
  6. Whos who in newy

    Oh come on now! SAU still has a special place in my heart, just doesnt have the newcastle followers that ns.com has! But ive been here since way back, check my join date haha. Oh and I found a pic of my car... It has a factory m-spec bar now though (due to defect)... Anybody spotted me lately?
  7. Whos who in newy

    Name: Mitch Location: Tarro Car: 95 Skyline R33 GTS-t Interests: Cars(obviously haha), Music, Spending most of my time with mates and my girlfriend. My car is in my avatar, havent got any recent pictures though but im sure you will all see me driving around sometime. Hopefully will try and make it to a few cruises and such, get to know you all! Mitch
  8. shaking wheel

    I once had sorta the same problem, turns out I had a flat spot on one of the tyres...
  9. microtech software

    http://www.microtechfuelinjection.com/down...tware/setup.exe hope this is what your after
  10. Hot 4's Tech Special

    It has a SR20 with blue rocker cover and a big fangin HKS T51R turbo hangin off the side with a pink bellmouth. The magazine is coloured pink and blue.
  11. Hot 4's Tech Special

    Yep i got it, makes for some great bathroom reading But I never really get the regular magazine, its usually packed full of ricers.
  12. Sr20 into corolla, can it be done?

    So are you still on your L's? Because if you had your P's before the 11th or sumthin the rules don't apply to you and you could still buy that turbo silvia of yours!
  13. fitting wide guards?

    Why all the flaming?? He made a mistake, big fangin deal! It doesnt take half a dozen people to tell him that. Everyone here needs to chill out and relax, listen to some mozart or something. By the way, I think you should mould the wider gaurds in, pop rivets look pretty bad IMO, just like an SLR5000 torana
  14. Big turbo's on SR20DETs

    Are you talking about the BMT s15?? (my avatar) When i saw it at autosalon it has the t51r spl turbo on it and dang it made alot of power!! Loud too with the screamer pipe
  15. Care to explain why?? He asked a question, this is the technical forums and he found his answer. your a silver member mate you should know better a) he should have searched its been covered to death B ) s15's don't come with bb turbos now you know y yeah i know he should have searched first... oh well... its not worth starting an e-argument...