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  1. Haven't been on ns for a good year or two , jump on today for a browse & find this build , just finished reading the whole thread . Such an epic build man, you should be proud. Hurry up & post more updates !
  2. Need help with inbay cooler .

    Yeah I was thinking about getting the dimensions of the factory sidemount & trying to find a condenser a similar size .. But it'll probs be too expensive anyway .
  3. Need help with inbay cooler .

    Cheers people .. Kemp do you know exactly which shroud will fit ? 20, 25 ? r32 , r33 ? And yeh i'll probs just run a smaller one , I never even use aircon so i'm just doing it if i ever sell the car .
  4. Hey people it's been a LONG time since posting here .. Have no idea where the tech section is so guess i'll post in here .. Mods ? Anyway looking at putting my cooler inbay in my s13 ca18 this weekend & have a few questions .. Is it 100% neccesary to remove the a/c ? I was thinking about finding a smaller condenser & mounting it in the posistion of the factory sidemount .. Or just leaving it as it is .. Do I have to run thermo's or can I use the r33 shroud & stock fan setup with the ca ? Anything else I should know ? Fabricator by trade so that side of it is no worries .. Cheers people .
  5. sr20det heater hose mess

    I got a kit from here when I did the lines on my ca , Was the goods . http://www.ministryofbass.com.au/moshop/index.php/nissan-s13-sr20det-radiator-heater-hose-kit.html
  6. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  7. I'm hoping Gta5 will be the next gen version of san-andreas .. Which is looking likely .. Fuuuuuar cannot wait !
  8. O.C.D

    I used to work with an older guy who after everything he said , he would whisper it again under he breath . Was weird .
  9. Quick question - ca breathers

    Thanks dude .. D_stirls post in that thread was really helpful .. Although it sounds like the line i am talking about would be best ran to a catch can or vented (the one venting crank case pressure to head) .. Thoughts ?
  10. Yooo , just wondering if the annoying breather line on the intake side rocker cover can be plugged ? Ca18 .. Its the line running down beside the injectors sorta , to the back of the motor .. Cuntofaspot/10 .. Had a search with no luck .. Cheers cnts .
  11. Bloody Commodores

    I think it's fkd they can crush cars at all , even if it is just a shit box commo .
  12. What do you guys eat?

    I was under the impression that if you only took in 2-3 meals a day compared to 6 or 7 your body will use carbs and protein for energy and store the fat ? Broscience ?
  13. What do you guys eat?

    Try the thai food section in the supermarket , Heaps of quick to make good tasting meals , I usually use chicken but you can use fish or pork and all you really have to add is coconut milk , fish oil and sugar .. oh and rice .
  14. What do you guys eat?

    So your point is that; As long as someone is getting the right macro's it doesn't matter what foods they come from ? I would agree with that I guess but the reality is that your not going to get the correct macros from a mars bar or soft drink .. Driftkid , what actual advise would you give to OP about improving his diet ?