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  1. This is what I found in the search, very similar, except I don't understand why the NOG switch, which earth switches, is placed BEFORE the "Signal In"(86). http://www.nissansil...ttach_id=251995 But thanks for pointing out the cabin swtich, I must've overlooked the relay when I placed it there. But the reason I had the 5A fuse there is to protect the coil side of the relay, is it even worth it? Besides the location of the cabin switch, everything else seems fine?? Power to 86 and then 85 and then awaits the thermo switch to energise the coil. And when it does, 30 and 87 closes, thus switching on the fan. What could be wrong with the way the pins were hooked up?? Round 2:
  2. This is what I'm going to do. The aim is to be able to switch it on when I i want, while still allowing it to switch on automatically when the cabin switch is off. See what you guys think of it. Cheers
  3. 180sx tie rod ends

    Most engineering joints with a lathe should be able to machine a new shaft for you if you could extract the shaft from the rose joint, the side with the snap ring will be the side where the shaft/bushing will be coming out from. Good luck.
  4. s13 wont start

    Checked your fuses?
  5. sr20det wont start

    +1 to what pmod said. And good on ya for getting your hands dirty.
  6. sr20det wont start

    The screwdriver method is quite crude, to be honest... 1. take off your rocker cover. 2. Get a 27mm(or 30, forgot) socket and turn the crank pulley bolt (down the bottom, the biggest pulley) clockwise, until the pin which sits just above the pulley lines up with second (reading from left to right) notch/mark on the pulley, that's your crank's TDC. 3. Check that the dot on your intake cam sprocket/gear is roughly 5 teeth away from the horizon of the edge of the head, and 8.5/9 teeth 4. There are 3 dots on your CAS, turn until the dot on the shaft closest to the dot on the body are aligned, then carefully install it. By the time it's fully in, the shaft should've turned, and the dot on the shaft furthest from the dot on the CAS body should now be aligned. 5. Reassemble 6. ??? 7. WIN!! Also check you all your earth wires to the block, AND that your ignitor is secured. Good Ruck.
  7. Clunk when turning?

    Exact same thing happened to my 180, turns out to be the crossmember bolts that were loose. Go over all your mounting bolts, we typically tend to over diagnose the simpliest of problems. Good luck.
  8. Julia Gillard

    OP should include "she's hot" in the poll, just saying. All this has a feel of de ja vu to it, but of all the recent Labour leaders in the past decade, I prefer Kim Beazley the most.
  9. That was a brilliant piece of work, took a bit of effort to comprehend it all, but overall it was quite informative.
  10. But...what if it's the female that got drunk and amazon-ed herself over some poor bloke? +1 for the bum
  11. Have a read of this, the info towards the end of the page should be relevant to your interest. http://zilvia.net/f/tech-talk/242057-s13-s14-sr20det-head-swap-how-differences.html Regards.
  12. Who is more desperate

    That might be because you haven't been serving them good cakes.