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  1. No worries, and thanks
  2. Willing to separate the hand controller from the PowerFC?
  3. NSW: 2008 STi Hatch

    Long time no bump. Car is on carsales with interior photos there as well. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Subaru-Impreza-2008/SSE-AD-3611187
  4. NSW: 2008 STi Hatch

  5. NSW: 2008 STi Hatch

    Bump to the top - interior photos are coming (its just a dead stock interior though), last weekends weather was pretty crap so didn't take the car out. If after a photo of something specific, just ask and I'll try and get one as soon as I'm able too.
  6. NSW: 2008 STi Hatch

    2008 STi Hatch KM: 85,XXX Price and price conditions: $30,000 Condition: Used Location: Sydney Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pick up SOLD
  7. EPA testing

    Hasnt happened to me (thankfully), but in NSW what you have sounds like a visual inspection only. So you need standard airbox, intake, exhaust manifold, ditch the boost controller and adjustable fuel pressure reg (if you have one), standard dump, cat and exhaust. Dont think you will need EGR gear to pass, but wouldnt hurt if you had it. People who have been through it will be more knowledgeable than me.
  8. Defected Notice

    It does a little. The problem is, NSW cops generally don't bother testing anything, they just look and go 'non-standard, defect'. But having found some of the ADR's, some mods are clearly not defectable. I'm trying to find the actual training/process that police are meant to follow for defects, because in NSW I do t think they are following it. Every cop says something different.
  9. Hey all, I got defected the other evening, and I'm pretty sure my Defect notice is incorrectly filled out.. Couple of examples: Type of inspection - marked Audit, not Random, even though I was randomly pulled into an RBT No sticker given, although Type of Label Issued is marked as Yellow, and Label Number has been marked as Nil Available defect marked as minor, but Full Inspection must be carried out. What is marked (the tick boxes that say to lights, oil/petrol leaks arent ticked on my defect notice) on my notice is different in the police system (its marked in the system that fix Oil/Petrol leaks is ticked). I've been to the RTA (in Macquarie Centre and rang teir Technical Helpline - dude on the phone said alot of Police Defect Notices were hard to decipher). I've also rung a HWP Station (Gordon) and got no where there. The HWP Officer said it doesn't matter what they select, its still a defect notice. To me, that doesn't sound right. It's a government department, there is always a correct way to do paperwork.. What I'm wondering, and trying to find out, who/where do you go to find out if it has been filled in incorrectly? If we can avoid the 'just man up and clear it' comments, that would be handy. I am aware you have to pay to play, but this sort of info would save a lot of people hassle, and would be a good first step to getting the defect system made clearer to modifiers. Cheers, Toby
  10. like most defect scenarios, depends on the copper. mate is running those in his bonnet on a 180, been done for them once and had another cop say they were fine.. i do think they look nicer than traditional bonnet pins though lol
  11. Swapping the dash

    Bugger. Cheers mate!
  12. Hey guys, Quick question... What I was curious about, is whether the Type-X console (picture below) would be a simple plug-and-play swap into an earlier model (eg 91 - 92) S13? Is it that easy, or are they not compatible, as the later ones had the digital odometer, compared to the older clock-type mechanism one... Any help would be awesome. -M