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  1. Driving down Cross Rd last night at about 9:30ish A maroon coloured Cressida with a 1JZ Tidy car and a nice guy, had a chat through the windows as we were driving along haha
  2. Hopefully come this weekend we can get the push-button start wired in and actually go for a boot.
  3. Pink Ping Pong Balls

    If you want me, I'll be in the angry dome!
  4. emails from assholes

    Gym email. GOLD.
  5. Epic car fail thread

    I don't mind it mate, I think it looks pretty good for what it is. Nice kit.
  6. Quick / Short joke thread

    I used to hate going to church. It was the pews I couldn't stand. 6 feet for your back and only 2 for your ass. I'd often be sitting in church and look up, at the guy nailed to the Cross and thought, 'at least he gets to stretch his legs.'
  7. Quick / Short joke thread

    ^ That hide-and-seek one. f**king LOL. Probably shouldn't be reading these at work when I start pissing myself laughing on the showroom floor.
  8. It looks like a robots pubes.
  9. 24-Hour Polio or My entire family was killed in a plane crash and I am now a vegetable. See you tomorrow.
  10. Quick / Short joke thread

    - Whitney Houston won an impressive six Grammys in 14 years. Her attempt at 6 grams in 14 mintues was less impressive. - I used to go to strip clubs, but now I have a girlfriend. Now I can be broke and sexually frustrated at home. - I got divorced and to cheer myself up I watched my wedding video backwards. I really love the bit where she takes off the ring, walks up the aisle, jumps in the car and leaves.
  11. And of course, the champagne toast.
  12. Couple snaps from the loading and unloading process. *Note the dodgy as fook trailer...*
  13. Epic car fail thread

    Yew. Fast and the Furious represent!
  14. I've done a few project cars, self funded and failed, but I got high hopes for this baby. G1 or BUST!
  15. Legal heads I need your opinion

    Just to clarify, I got hit with the driving unregistered/uninsured $1017 fine a while ago. No demerit points. And to my legal knowledge, if the car was never registered in your name and they just seen it on the street and taped a fine to the window. Then how would they have your details? I would assume they would have run the plates and issued the fine to the last registered owner. In which case I'd surrender the plates ASAP or just take them off and hide the car away.