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  1. Hey guys whats the advice here...i just bought an s15 2 weeks ago..the bloke didnt run a fan shroud because he said it didnt fit in bla bla bla i've never experienced s15's before but from what i can see the temp needle varies from right on the middle and just below by a fraction...normal? im thinking that temp is a little to high for it to survive the long term but maybe thats normal in a s15? anyway some people rkn i should fit a s14 radiator and put the shroud back on? What are peoples suggestion here?
  2. Yeh i suppose that makes perfect sense...just never dealt with any crazy ass super clutches before thats all...floating plates would rattle i guess...any way decided to swap and now got my self new car...f**k the noise =D if everyone says itd normal i guess ill stick with it...thx peeps
  3. Yeh exactly so...and then once clutch pedal is pressed..then thats when the noise occurs aye
  4. Hey guys im in a process of swapping my sil-eighty for a s15 with cash adjustments..car is good with basic bolt ons and all...But he says he has an ORC clutch installed...showed me reciept and clutch is pretty grippy...any way when the clutch plate disengages from the fly wheel I.E clutch pedal pressed down...there is metal rotating noise (2 plates clashing)..like somethings loose single plates meant to be noisy? i understand twin plates being noisy but is this noise normal for a single plate ORC 409D? apparantly he says its normal with the ORC 409D single plate clutch...i have never dealt with any ORC clutches but the noise is pretty loud but driving is ok seems normal.. only when pressing down clucth pedal to disengage..the noise is there.. Normal??? P.S noise goes away when driving
  5. Trying to look like the original =D
  6. Delete

    Wrong section
  7. Dazza's Drift S13

    Man thats what you call a project..great job with the paint man.how much did it cost ya to spray down every microscopic particle of the car?
  8. My R32 GTR

    Loving those seats =D
  9. s13 skid car

    Not a bad car mate loving the twin tips
  10. si80

    LOL couldnt agree more hahah.... what a smart arse eh =D
  11. My 180sx..

    bit harsh guys lol people have different taste
  12. I Gagged...

    Would knock the c*&t out if i saw him driving in streets