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  1. WTB nardi pedals

    I'm looking for some nardi pedals. Let me know if you have them and post pictures.
  2. I'll buy the front pillar trims driver and passenger. Do you have a picture of the carpet? I also need the radio brackets, door switches, trunk/gas door lever with cable, inside door handles with the links attached to it to lock/unlock/open the door, and ebrake handle. Let me know. Thanks
  3. WRECKING S14 200sx silvia

    I'll buy the trunk/gas door lever with cable and ebrake handle with mounting bracket needs to be cut around it or drill the spot welds.
  4. [Update 11/2/15] Perpetual sale thread

    Why won't you ship the cool box? If you ship it I'll buy it
  5. What about the above list? I'm very interested.
  6. Are you willing to ship to US? I'm interested in: radio brackets, pillars without the boost gauge, door switches with pig tails, digital climate control with pig tails, inside door handles, metal links that hooks on to the inside door handle to lock/unlock and open doors, trunk/gas door lever and cable, ebrake handle with the attachievement cable and the bracket that's spot welded on the body (either drill the spot welwelds or cut around it is fine, front bumper retainer. Let me know thanks