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  1. favourite/most memorable gigs

    x-qlusive and q-dance tour.
  2. The Phantom Expander

    if that dick did that in an area like sunshine ect his life expectancy would be very low.
  3. Cars you hate

    the newer v6 commodores are slower then the older models, vls vns vps, because of more weight but not enough extra power. true they handle like crap but they still go a bit.
  4. East donnnie meets

    went up with a 2 friends and hit the ranges last night, it was insane. on the way back down, the mountain hwy is epic, will be going back up soon.
  5. Muscle Size and Strength

    How many shakes a day are you taking? just 1. diet still needs work and change my training routine this year, hopefully it will add some body mass.
  6. Newbie To NissanSilvia

    welcome. would be good if you post some pictures of your car. what are you planning to change in the short and long term?
  7. Muscle Size and Strength

    i look quite thin still and i can curl 45kg just, a few of my good friends who look average build have trouble with 35kg.
  8. Driveways

    it's called gutter journalism for a reason because it's shit for the stupid people yet i have seen some really bad driveways, you just have to pay attention to this when buying a car, isn't that hard. while it's not aca, google "gutter journalism" first result it today tonight
  9. Woman Driver Crash Compilation

    if it wasn't for the guy, i wonder how long it would have taken her. i would barely wait 30seconds before pulling a u-turn or reversing out of there.
  10. Cars you hate

    ^lol i can understand why most people dislike commodores but what makes a VN worse then the rest? personally i cant stand any car with bling. most small cars
  11. East donnnie meets

    ill be fine being the odd one out i should be able to keep up but just because i don't have a fancy car yet doesn't mean i don't enjoy driving. what's the chances of cops checking our cars for defects? cuz i know i need some new rear tyres.
  12. s13(Y)

    nice car. taken it down to the drag strip to get any 1/4 mile times?
  13. East donnnie meets

    do i need a decent car to come for the cruise or will anything that moves do? i live 15-20mins away from the meet up area, so im up for it.
  14. Hey


    parents car but i drive it like its mine haha. waiting for a real car
  16. i'd have to say go with the black.