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  1. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    56 . 9 you have down 59
  2. Legal Advice

    what are the new guards made of ?
  3. removable steering wheel or a removable part in the wiring.
  4. So, according to VicRoads...

    wind up the boost. strip a bit of weight add a locker and it ll be a bit of fun.
  5. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    just because they are metal doesn't mean they have been designed or cast correctly. There is so many things to consider, which I wouldn't have a clue. Ask a metallurgist specialist and they might be able to explain the basics.
  6. its a debate about road driven cars. not racing cars. maximum speed in australia is 130kph. its not like that 30kph is going to make much difference. it is clear, you aren't getting power for the CAI. You can get a bit of response, slightly lower intake temps but thats it. The point of the video is to inform people they are wasting their money with this stuff and look at REAL modifications. you know, injectors, afm, turbo, exhaust. Racing cars use them because they can. why would they need some small, random air box. they use the most simple and light weight thing they can find. You will go faster by removing the 10-20kg spare wheel then worrying about the potential 1kw of a CAI and pod.
  7. Liberal Democratic Party or the Sex Party. is just a vote for labor if you consider preferences. lib dems are a joke.
  8. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    Went down on Sunday the 6th. Cut my time down a lot without any changes to the car. So from 2:01.2 to 1:56.9. The practice really helped but I kinda hit a peak early afternoon and failed to improve upon 56.9 for the last few sessions. Date: 06/05/2012 ns nickname: Peter89 Car Make and Model: 1995 S14 Circuit Name: Phillip Island Lap time: 1:56.9 Timing method: natsoft Modifications Engine: 12psi Power: ? (~150rwkw ) Suspension: BC ER Coilovers. 8/6kg Tyres: 265/40/17 Dunlop Z1 Star Spec Brakes: Stock with front A1RM pads. Other: Stripped + Cams Cage. Car weight: 1243kg ( race ready, full fuel) Natsoft Link: car # 14. http://www.natsoft.c...2012.PHIL.S34.Y
  9. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    When i hit a ripple strip at 100 to 150kph, I know my Advan are strong enough and there are a thousand other things will that fail beforehand. I would have my doubts about rotas surviving years of punishment. When actions caused the Work rims to buckle? Rotas are just copies of current popular rims from top name brands. I can see the point about "who did what first" but this isn't the case with Rota. They just copy.
  10. never been defected for it. legally you can have 2cm. makes a huge difference and i just have mined bolted in. easy to remove if required.
  11. Make sure the exhaust dumps a good distance from the rear bar. I halved in car noise by just adding a 15cm tip onto my exhaust. Before I was dumping just before the bumper now its stick away from it a bit. Really helped.
  12. well considering the test with the pod outside the engine bay, this is close to a perfect world result power wise. overall this doesn't surprise me. standard intake systems aren't that restrictive. its the rest of the engine setup that is.
  13. Pete's S14 Updated 30_05_2012

    I paid around $1000 in total for the tyres. However, I did order 6 at once and a friend purchased two. Hints for tirerack.com -total tyre purchase costs ( not including shipping) under $999AUD -the larger and wider the tyre, the more shipping will cost. -wire transfer is the only payment options. make sure you get the correct details from tirerack. -some tires aren't worth importing. -shipping is between $60-$90 USD/tyre.
  14. my friends are good so i always make it home or in a bed but before hand i have: passed out: -on the side of a road. in the middle of nowhere. -foot path in the city -nearly passed out in a park -under a bed. there's probably more. just cant remember.
  15. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    love the rims. good choice
  16. Pete's S14 Updated 30_05_2012

    Been a while. Decided to update. - caster arms, neotech. (+ switched strut top for max caster + camber) caster now +9 degrees - camber arms, neotech. - DIY flat diffuser - Brown Davis 4 point CAMS cage: harness bar two diagonal supports. bolt in - FIA 6 point harness. - Carpet is back in. - Dunlop Z1 Star Specs 265/45/17 (from tirerack.com) - guards flared. - machined discs. - A1RM front pads (again) - completely removed ac. - power steering cooler. - 3" gktech dump pipe. - gktech brake stopper. - new windscreen - new bonnet booked in nistune 11th may. 2 x winton fun days - untimed 1 x sandown pb 1:33.8 1 x phillip island pb 2:01.2
  17. is it legal tow car with strap?

    if you do it 8am monday morning you are going to have a bad time. if major roads are required doing it times with minimal or no traffic would be recommended.
  18. Poor little FD

    moral of the story to buy a fire extinguisher and make sure it works. have it inspected as per schedule. mine cost $20.
  19. i want to see stock system against a proper pod setup inside a large enclosure and cold air intake. without the enclosure and cold air, no doubt a pod filter is going to lose power. and like kriss said, a vastly more powerful car.
  20. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    PI is not a power track, it's a balance track. All about mid corner balance. Hard to guage against sandown as they are very different. 33's at Sandown could mean about 57 at PI well i finished with a 2:01.3 its a lot harder then expected. going to need a lot of practice. im sure the car has more in it however still feel like 5th gear is useless on the straight. it has so little pull.
  21. and its pointless selling it with endless amounts of airbags. I agree, they might have to sell it with 2 in Australia but the rest of the world doesn't have our stupid standards. either way, safety isn't a selling point for sports cars. why bother. the things i listed are modern ideas. just because they have been done before doesn't mean they are bad. a silvia isn't a supercar and nor is it some european luxury sports car. traction and stability control? you high? who wants that. cutting edge isn't affordable. if you want cutting edge you buy the GTR vspec. not the middle range sports coupe which is what a silvia is. keep it to its roots, don't rape the model name for some totally different car. remember every single feature is just more money towards the base price. just because you can make it for $100 doesn't mean it can be mass produced for that price. even getting the 2L turbo past emission laws would be hard enough these days.
  22. I say NO airbags as standard. Australians can't do any legal modifications due to shitty engineering laws and passing cars with airbags. Traction control just creates legal issues and more money towards something that not many want. its a silvia not an evo. 4 seats. I don't know. how many people actually use all 4 often? the 2 seats in the rear current are so small no average or tall australians can fit in them for anything but a short period of time. SR20VET. Aluminum chassis. Similar design as the S15 but wider track. 2 seats. Front mid engine. at least slightly further back then currently placed. Slightly more space around the front of the car. Design for modifications in mind. Instead of aiming for power since emission laws are too strict. Weight, reliability and the ability to modify should be the main focus. Like the FT86.
  23. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    http://www.natsoft.c.../2012.SDMO.Q1.I # 714 Also with such time at Sandown and with the mod info above, what should I expect at Phillip Island? I understand its a power track but I want under 2mins. Not sure if that's possible first day out though.
  24. I find it sicken that any person could go to jail without PHYSICAL evidence. Medical knowledge of raping isn't new, has been around for years. Medical examinations can tell if a person has been raped.
  25. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    Date: 04/03/2012 ns nickname: Peter89 Car Make and Model: 1995 S14 Circuit Name: Sandown Lap time: 1.338 Timing method: natsoft Modifications Engine: 12psi Power: ? Suspension: BC ER Coilovers. 8/6kg Tyres: 265/40/17 Dunlop Z1 Star Spec Brakes: Stock with front A1RM pads. Other: Stripped + Cams Cage. Car weight: ? Natsoft Link: Video Link: Photos Link: As far as I am aware doing sprint days with CAMS clubs is the best way. You get enough track time and you ll have accurate timing with natsoft. Unsure of any actual time attack series.