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  1. Does anyone know this car?

    yep. must have a lot of negative offset and maybe spacers. 70mm guards are extreme.
  2. Does anyone know this car?

    +1 In addition, it's not hard to read numbers off the sidewall on the tyre.
  3. Where to buy silkroad coilovers

    well, BC do also make the ER model. $1800 shipped from Just Jap. They work very well with the independent compression and rebound adjustment.
  4. Does anyone know this car?

    still waiting on those tyres and wheel specs.
  5. Solution to slam le rear. Bc coils

    Example. Stock spring is 30cm, to lower the vehicle you have already preloaded the spring to its maximum the coilover allows. Along with adjusting the base height down to the lowest. Now, you purchase a stiffer spring that is only 20cm. This would fail to be captive with the normal setup but with the helper spring it manages to stay captive with low load and with high load the helper spring goes nearly flat. This allows the coilover to go even lower. Keep in mind, such an idea will ruin the valving of the shock setup (not damage). The shock will be expecting a softer spring and the increased spring rate will cause quicker rebound and possibly overheat the oil in longer driving. Reducing handling.
  6. UPDATED: 30_05_2012 So after a year of saving up and trolling the forums, i finally bought a S14 as a daily and track car. summary, it's stock and has a long way to go. Basics: 1995 Manual A fair few kms. Burgundy paint, some parts faded. Engine: 3" turbo back, including decat and "hooker" 3.5" muffler. pod filter new water pump (installed by ADM) new midnightmods braided turbo water line. (installed by ADM) S13 NA Cams and VCT removed. ( installed by ADM) Boost tee set at 12psi Walbro fuel pump ARC sidemount intercooler. Wheels/Tyres: Advan RA3 17x9.5+19 all round. Front Tyres: Hankook Ventus RS-3 255/40/ Rear Tyres: Federal Evo 235/45 Brakes/Suspension: A1RM front pads. Resma rear pads. BC ER Coilovers. 8/6kg Bodywork: Luxury front lip Sunroof Debadged Blanked out stock indicators Indicators in parkers. Interior: Monza fixed bucket seat 350mm Deep dish steering wheel clarion headunit 6" clarion front speakers. 6x9" clarion rear speakers. boost gauge. fully stripped rear interior Things I've done: changed the oil and filter.(jan) changed the diff oil, require the exhaust to be dropped..(jan) painted front lip gloss black..(jan) satin black wipers(jan) removed the door beep with keys still in the car. .(jan) installed new pads, changed brake fluid(feb) changed clutch fluid(feb) changed gearbox oil(feb) painted chrome exhaust tips black(feb) rewired indicators(feb) removed fog lights(feb) removed air-con belt(march) brake ducting(march) new battery(march) stripped interior + sound padding(march) oil+filter, power steering, plugs, coolant(april) Things I'm doing: - Plans: Heat wrap Ducting. Wheel alignment. Muffler. light weight rims. Parts for time-attack( a long way off) I bought the car with the intent to take it to the track yet track days aint cheap, might be a while before i go down but im sure it ll be worth the wait. However it is a daily, it will still need to be somewhat practical. Pics: in post #85.
  7. Pete's S14 Updated 30_05_2012

    With some 800 grit sandpaper and a high pressure cleaner, managed to make the front rims look clean. still more work to be done but its a good start. Haven't started the rears yet.
  8. Pete's S14 Updated 30_05_2012

    Nistune delayed till mid june. Radiator is cracked. Water leak is manageable but I have ordered a Koyo NFlow that should arrive in 2 weeks tops. Also need to replace rear pads. Going to get A1RMs this time. the HPX pads just don't last long enough with track use. Will also be purchasing a set of gktech solid subframe bushes whenever they are released. No hurry for anything really, exam study for most of june.
  9. Solution to slam le rear. Bc coils

    buy a shorter spring along with a helper spring to ensure it stays captive.
  10. Does anyone know this car?

    i bet the lack of "guard filling" is due to the lower than stock tyre rolling diameter. what specs are those tyres? also for interest specs of the rims?
  11. What is the Most Embarrassing Mod?

    nothing ruins a car more then a horrible set of cheap 20" chromies (or larger).
  12. What size wheels do you have and why?

    Would love to see a pic man any chance you could send me any to me inbox??? What brand wheels did ya get??? I have the same wheels on this. This one has 22s, but mine are only 20s, so I could obviously get wider wheels.
  13. my boost tee works fine. never noticed any boost spiking.
  14. I don't think people realize how bad China is. The Chinese government will stop at nothing to get its own way. America police bashing people? Chinese police murder people. That is the difference. One if a somewhat flawed democracy the other is a totalitarian government and that has no regard for human life, freedom and basic ethics. I refuse to sell my soul for "a bit of extra economic growth". China doesn't give a shit about Australia. They just want our resources.
  15. 350+RWKW Sr20det

    Pfft. S13 is way too heavy to make due with a measly 180ci from an old VG30. Might as well drive a John Deere on the track. Safer bet is a 425 HEMI. Balls to the wall. VQ30DET is the new version of the engine. alloy block. not the engine that was in the 300zx. was made from 1995 to 2004.
  16. 350+RWKW Sr20det

    Still nothing compared to a 3L v6 quad cam turbo. I have seen some impressive builds but I'd still prefer the v6.
  17. I tried that are got lots of pinging. Went back to the Iridiums and no problems.
  18. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    Do it Kriss they are some hot wheels! which country was the court based in? Think the court was is germany ! They banned the chinese company from selling the copys in germany ! I guess they cant be sold in Germany any more.
  19. its a hub dyno. they are supposed to be more accurate.
  20. 350+RWKW Sr20det

    If I was going to put down serious money for power I would just do a VQ30DET swap with a large twin scroll turbo. More custom work but easy and reliable power along with a good torque curve.
  21. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    which country was the court based in?
  22. Post a picture of the boost graph. I guess the obvious parts to check are spark plugs and coil packs. How much boost can the turbo handle? How close to maximum duty cycle are the injectors?
  23. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    Total shit. Chinese companies ignore copyright laws but if they manufactured their products in Australia it would be illegal. The reason they get away with it is that the other company hasn't taken them to court over it. In the western world is it illegal to copy a product and to sell it, even if slightly modified. However it is hard to enforce. A lot of copies will go under the radar and a lot of companies don't have the time or money to take the offender to court. Such cases are usually civil and cost large amounts of money and time.
  24. Larger police presence?

    its that the "good cops" turn a blind eye to all the dodgy tactics the less respectable police do.
  25. Pete's S14 Updated 30_05_2012

    New personal best at Phillip Island. 1:56.9 So I managed to cut 4.3second off my personal best from last time. Retune and dyno graphs should be finished soon.