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  1. Calder Park Drift Practice Friday 27th July

    rules most cars out. why the change? Calder was fine with half cages last time.
  2. rocked up late. had to park at the very back. a lot more cars than i had expected. had a look around for an hour and left before any cops showed. too many heroes, didn't want to risk it.
  3. what coilovers are these?

    i bet cusco but it would be easier to tell if you clean the strut top and posted that pic up.
  4. Looking back I think the stock S14 was a good second car to move to. I was thinking of purchasing a R33 or R32 with RB25 swap but considering the laws I didn't. I think the power increase from the VN Wagon I was driving to the dead stock S14 was a good move. If it was anything greater I might not have learnt enough. Experience > Power.
  5. Skids! They get you killed!

    serious yes but in Australia motive is a major factor in sentencing crimes. I would expect a sentence of 5 to 10 years. Depends on the case of course. Not that people deserved to die for watching this idiot but what do they really expect. This is nothing like Australia. Well, at least Victorians have a hard enough time doing 100kph on the freeways and panic whenever it rains. I have yet to see anything that comes close to that in any traffic at time of day. Also keep in mind guys Saudi Arabia isn't the kind of country we should be looking towards for justice. Here's a list of crimes that are punishable by death in Saudi Arabia: Adultery Insulting Islam Leaving Islam Getting raped being gay Along with the standard murder, rape, treason.
  6. brake rotors

    I know of many places online but I'd rather buy some tomorrow from a shop in melbourne. closer to camberwell would be nice. idea? just after slotted front s14 rotors, standard rears. edit: go them from midnightmods
  7. So, I have been having brake "feel" problems recently. I bleed the brakes with the car running to ensure to abs was bleed as well. No luck. Will try again since I just installed new pads and rotors. However, I removed the ABS fuse and for the most part, the brakes feel great. Not perfect but good however I'd still like to keep my ABS. Is it possible to get the ABS working better? It also seems to be overly sensitive, trying to counter the slightest change that isn't required. I suspect the huge front tyres don't help. Setup: S14 A1RM pads Slotted RBA rotors. 17x9.5 with 265/40/17 tyres.
  8. ABS issues

    a) Chris keep in mind the issue "feel" and ABS issue occurred after a went from street to track rear pads. Cheers for the input though. b.) Explaining it again. ABS is overly aggressive when not required. Was fine before changing the rear pads. Pedal has no bite till the very end. Pedal feel a lot better with ABS unplug. c) It can't be the setup of the tyres, camber and front suspension. I have been to at least 2 track days with the old setup and it was perfect. I could hit the brakes as hard as I liked, the ABS rarely kicked it. maybe I have some air in the rear brake calipers + lines.
  9. ABS issues

    maybe but i have been running A1RMs in the past. The issue came after I changed my rear brake pads from some street pad to the A1RMs. 265s fit on 17 x 9.5s +19 but +16 effective offset, front guards flared and front is not excessively low. -3 front camber. I don't know what you are talking about, turn in is fking brilliant.
  10. ABS issues

    ill give that a try. well, its kinda a street car, kinda a track car. I'd remove it if it wasn't for insurance and legal reasons. Though it does avoid me flat spotting tyres.
  11. call Chequered tuning, he will help you pass the EPA with your nistune. He might be a bit booked out though but worth a shot.
  12. Think before running from police

    it was more, you saw the police car, kept going for a bit then stopped? why not pull over as soon as you saw the police car? or am i just misreading the story.
  13. if the strut towers are fine, over fenders would be the cheapest way to fix it. along with a bit of welding a chain and pulling the rear of the boot out.
  14. Cusco 11 or 13pt roll cage

    +1 japanese have little care for proper safety. you get what you pay for. when you are buying a full cage for the same as a half cage, don't you wonder why its so much cheaper? cheaping out on a cage is like cheaping out on brakes.
  15. Think before running from police

    why did you stop?
  16. Seniors should display senior driving plates?

    +1 Re: the proposal to display senior plates in general, I support it. Plenty of 85+ yo people are in aged care already, and it would put people on notice to take caution, leading to greater awareness and increased safety. agreed. even with yearly testing, abilities can drop very quickly.
  17. 900hp SR20VET S13

    Totally insane. impressive work. Got a torque curve graph as well? Cage? Don't such times usually require a shoot?
  18. Seniors should display senior driving plates?

    It is a great idea. It will WARN other drivers that they are likely to make irrational choices. However, I think driving tests should be more strict and older people need testing more often. Yet, plates are a good start.
  19. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    flare guards and experiment with rims from others. haven't seen many photos with aggressive setups. (excluding that silver one)
  20. it depends on the cage design. if its a standard bolt-in half cage, it will not affect how far back the seat will go.
  21. 4.3 earthquake in north nsw

    Exponential scale. 4 = minor.
  22. We were entered in open class so these weren't really suitable... well, when you said 285 RSRs i had thought club class. With open class why not get A048R? results show they are superior to the RSRs.
  23. I would recommend AD08s at least for WTAC.
  24. FIA > OEM any day. It is a clear cut difference in regulation. One regulation standard is vastly more strict and is designed for vastly higher speed accidents.
  25. s14Lee's Zenki

    not sure but you would probably get more for it, if you returned the car to stock and sold the other parts.