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  1. twinscroll t3 0.82 rear housing might solve the "laggy as f**k" issue. reading around, 3071Rs should be good for over 250kw.
  2. why do you need acceleration when drifting ? I found positive rear toe gives a lot more rear grip. With 0 rear toe, the car was oversteering without issues. I do recommend you try it. well, it might have been due to an unusually large set of tyres. was running 4 x 265s.
  3. My S14 build

    white rims are a bitch to keep clean. i wish i had realized how hard it is to keep them looking good. if i get new rims, black is the way to go. what rims you got now?
  4. drift car only? i suggest 0 rear toe. I went from 0 back to +3 and I have so much more rear end grip. its brilliant though the opposite for your after. With 0, the oversteer was progressive and easy to manage. even with huge rear tyres. You could go negative rear toe but probably better for a track car only.
  5. prices were higher before the carbon tax and crude oil movement hasn't been that large. other factors IMO.
  6. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    unless you have a huge turbo, i have no idea what you are talking about. my near stock SR @ 13psi had 220nm by 3000rpm. hardly call it a flat spot.
  7. I can guarantee you it has nothing to do with the carbon tax. Instead it is vastly more likely to do with the collusion of the petrol stations at setting minimum prices. I saw prices rise 17cents across melbourne within minutes. If they don't collude over prices, they must have the ability to read minds.
  8. High Comp SR20DE/VE build.

    isn't it the same fine for driving a modified motor or running a turbo? If it is, why not just start with the turbo? I would definitely be designing this motor to be turbo at some stage if you would rather the non-turbo for a while. In such cases, you'd want the z32 gearbox or the s15 6speed. E85 + boost + 6speed box. cant see that lasting very long. Depending on the turbo, you'd be looking at over 300kw. So I'd be getting everything that can handle that power now. Instead of buying things twice.
  9. It depends what you want tuned. Stock S15, you will need either a nistune or power fc ( or completely new ecu) Cheapest is nistune. Chequered Tuning do drive in drive out for $850 (if you have nissan injectors, same price with different injectors they recommend 1 night for the cold start tune) In the end you get what you pay for. I have no doubt there's cheaper places but I wouldn't let them touch my ECU.
  10. forums are designed for people to express their opinions be that on people, politics or parts. if you didn't like a product, why pretend you did? Honestly, its nice to see that donny expressed his view and doesn't sell them anymore.
  11. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    If you are coming that far, Phillip Island is that much better. At least, I prefer it.
  12. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    What's unfair about comparing 2 stock cars? Car released in 1999 vs car released 2012. Huge improvements in ECU tuning have been made. Who buys a silvia to keep it dead stock? everyone understands stock silvias have their problems. The tune, exhaust and tiny rims are a few major things that need to be addressed. Anyways, WTAC 2012 proved the silvia chassis can still be somewhat competitive considering the first was released 1989. I call that impressive.
  13. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    It was still stock new with low boost, a rubbish factory tune and restrictive exhaust.
  14. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Disagree. No doubt any silvia in poor condition is going to go slowly but with some decent rims and tyres, new suspension and retune the 86s hasn't a chance. The problem is that "stock" silvias are getting quite old. It's hard to compare old, worn cars to new vehicles. It is clear an old worn silvia with stock suspension, stock 90s tune and small tyres is going to have a hard time.
  15. Manscaping

    that link is only for normal skin. if you used that product on sensitive skin, you'd be in a world of pain. depends on the person weather or not they have a reaction. i'm gonna give it a go, sick of shaving. i forget half the time and once it's long again it's a prick they do make sensitive skin version. you know, to avoid chemical burns on your balls.
  16. Manscaping

    that link is only for normal skin. if you used that product on sensitive skin, you'd be in a world of pain.
  17. WTAC 2012 - Live Timing & Chat

    I would love more pictures of this modification. Very interesting to see how much it improves lap times and the overall feel of the vehicle. Would love to be able to have less aggressive camber on the front and still manage huge front tyres. At the moment to get good turn in, running -3.5 camber which feels good however in addition to 9 degrees caster and -2 toe, tyres just don't last.
  18. aero dynamics

    I think this one turned out well. http://www.michaelhi...cecar-splitter/ Not sure I'd go to the effort of using CFif I had acces to alumalite. What materials are you thinking of using? I was thinking about aluminum base that is flush with the front bar. with a large and removable lip that is made out of ply wood. ply is cheap and a large splitter is likely to get damaged, so better to design it out of something thats easy to replace. In theory I would like 10cm sticking out on each side, 20 to 30cm infront.
  19. aero dynamics

    planning to make a front splitter. just need to design a removable extended lip for track use.
  20. I have searched online and can not find any guides on how to remove the intake manifold on S14 blacktop SR20DETs. I am up to the part that requires removal of the manifold support brackets. The rear bracket is connected back near the transmission and engine meet. I can't seem to access this from under the car and due to the stupid EGR crap, i am having a hell of a time trying to remove it from the top. Any ideas? Any general guides for the entire process? The service manual fail to take into account that the engine is still in the car. I cant see anyway to remove any of the EGR pipe or valve whilst in the car.
  21. S14 Intake Manifold Removal

    did you have EGR on the car at the time? theres just so little space. I cant understand why they made it so difficult to remove. Looking back the exhaust manifold is a quick job.
  22. Chasebays PS Kit

    http://www.ebay.com....984.m1439.l2649 or you could get that. $33 is hard to beat. sure it needs custom mounting and more hosing but shouldnt be too hard. ill install mine later in the month.
  23. Best Beginner’s Tool Set

    cheap jack is fine, you should never get under ANY jack. jack stands are jack stands, don't need anything fancy. only reason to spend a bit on a jack is if you have a low car, or you're using it a lot and want it to be light. what about the cusco low jack?
  24. people love to talk on the internet, even if it is about truly f**ked up shit. however it takes an entirely different kind of person to act upon what he is talking about.
  25. I disagree. This could happen anywhere. People can easily buy illegal handguns in Australia. It happens more often in America due to 310m vs 21m people. The lack of education and large sub-cultures probably dont help either.