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  1. Hardtuned.net Feedback thread

    came for the classified section stayed for the lolz. now with facebook groups doing it better than what NS does, I haven't bothered.
  2. LPG service?

    A friend owns a 2008 Ford XR6 on factory LPG. its running like rubbish, barely starts and idles poorly. Tested a new battery and nothing changed. Looking for a workshop that experienced with LPG fuel systems and fords to fix it. Any suggestions. Would prefer the east, around hawthorn if possible.
  3. nope. those will work fine with any rim.
  4. sandown 75db noise restriction

    it is 75db at 30metres. silvias have exhausts that exit on the LHS. they test from the pit lane thus the RHS of the vehicle. If you have any kind of muffler, it will be fine. if you are worried, have the exhaust tip point down to the ground. they use that trick over in the UK to pass on race tracks. My exhaust was fine: 3" turbo back, decat, 3.5" straight through oval muffler. link to the noise
  5. if you purchase slip on spacers, ensure to purchase "hub centric" designed for silvia hubs. that way there is vastly less movement and less stress on the studs.
  6. Handling upgrade?

    -3 or -4 front camber. I found my s14 loves front camber, just have to be careful with braking efficiency. More caster. If you change the camber plates to a diagonal oriernation you can get another +1 or +2 caster. With caser arms and this change I have +9 caster without front tubs. -2 toe works well.
  7. ok cool. yeh, a cage is the way to go
  8. as true as that maybe, its hardly that expensive to do it right. people do crash often at the track.
  9. I am suprised they installed those harnesses so poorly. That setup in a crash would cause all the force to go into the seat and likely break the seat without providng any real safety. basically, you can't install a harness properly without a harness bar or roll cage. stock seat belt points on silvia are too low to be useful.
  10. loving the videos. but still with never use engine oil flush. if you suspect the engine is dirty from long periods of sitting, id rather just do another oil change after 100 to 500kms of driving. To memory, Nissan, Toyota and Honda will VOID your engine warranty on a new car if you use engine oil flush.
  11. Private Health Cover?

    i dont have cover but i know i need it. when i get a half decent full time job its one of the first things on the list.
  12. Great thankyou Yea I had to acknowledge 3rd party content in my youtube upload, I was like fuuu don't say you're going to remove it took lireally all night to upload lol. I was concerned about the length but I was trying not to miss things out. Post production audio was something I considered but didn't know how to go about it, like what recording device do I speak into to overlay it onto my video? record a separate video inside, with as little background noise as possible. any half decent video editing software will allow you to rip the audio from that video and overlay it onto the instruction videos. this way you can have a mix of both instructional audio and voice over during your video. another way is to buy a cheap microphone and record it all indoors. you ll find even a cheap microphone will record vastly better audio quality than event decent video cameras. Mightycarmods have produced a "making of" video that explains how they produce and record all their videos. this might help give you a few ideas about your future videos. One day when my car gets back on the road, I'll probably make a similar headlight cover but covert it into a headlight replacement ( for the track).
  13. good start but i'd recommend a few things -tripod ( like you already said ) -further zoomed out, camera with a little wider angle. to get both you and the object. -avoid copyright music to avoid the video getting taken down. -make the video shorter in future unless it is more complex. -post production audio. you don't have to do all the speaking in the video. you can add in the instructions after getting the footage.
  14. Vicpol and festive season?

    once again. there is no such system in victoria.