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  1. 1991 Nissan 180sx - $6,500

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 186000 Price : $6,500 Condition : Used Putting up for sale is my project car, 1991 NON-defected sil80. Selling due to needing to repay debts, with big regret. I've poured countless hours of work into this thing from when I bought it as automatic around a year ago. This car has spent 99% of its time off the road and has spent the majority of its time sitting in the garage. Good points: Engine was replaced at some point, so I believe it has less KM's than on the odo [which reads 186xxx] Fresh oil, coolant, spark plugs, filters Replaced most of the coolant hoses with high-quality silicon FMIC Boost gauge (unmounted) Completed manual conversion - runs great, clutch is literally about 5km's old so will need to be bedded in properly S13 front end (working lights, indicators, etc) Front and rear strut brace Full exhaust system, incl. split dump, hi-flow brand new cat converter (legal xforce), 5ZIGEN catback Replaced thermostat To do / negatives: Still need to fit windscreen washer bottle, had to remove it to fit FMIC piping Painted over in cheap paint - bumpy finish Need gearstick surround/gaiter As you can see, this car is only really lacking in the cosmetic department, due to the paint. Have replaced front & rear struts with standard ones as the front were chopped and the rear was knocking. Also have for sale plates "SIL-180" ($2000), side skirts ($120), rear bumper ($150) to suit 180sx - or will throw them in for the right price.
  2. Hi guys, had a few issues with my Renault Clio Sport. Definitely not a common car looking at the rest of the threads, however the last post in the Euro Tech section is from 2011 and I don't imagine these symptoms are too car-specific. Here's a cut and paste of what I've sent to my mechanic, short and simple. - Installed new suspension; in the process, accidentally pulled out LH driveshaft and dumped a bit of oil. - topped up with 70w80 gearbox oil (OEM spec). Let excess oil drain out until it was level with the fill hole. Not completely sure if oil grades are matching, (previous owner/mechanics etc). Black particles came out with oil, do not appear to be metal shavings. My theory is carbon buildup etc. - very difficult to get into gear now from standstill. Can take a few tries. I assumed this was because new oil needs to "break in" as it's very viscous compared to what's in there - but I'm doubting this now. - getting a fair bit of clutch chatter; when coasting along in gear, then downshifting (without rev matching) the car shudders nastily until clutch is fully engaged (foot off pedal). Does not occur when rev matching - seems to mostly occur when engine revs are low. I have a feeling that this may be the clutch not aligned properly. Clutch fork does not feel very secure when feeling it, however feels about as wobbly as the fork on the SR20 sitting in the shed. The clutch chatter/vibration issue has only occurred severely since installing the coilovers and topping up gearbox oil - it had always been there, but definitely not as noticeably bad. Have previously replaced top engine mount and upper gearbox mount with OEM mounts, and the lower engine dogbone mount with powerflex bushes. If you have any ideas on the problem, I'd love to hear; had a theory that it may be flat spots on the clutch from uneven wear, but I don't want to try and slip the clutch/burn it without getting some advice. The next step is to dump all the gearbox oil, so it's not a mix of old/new, and a mate has recommended using some G70 additive [side question - if my gearbox capacity is 3.1L, can I add 3L of gearbox oil and 100mL of this additive? Haven't used or heard of it before. Just asking because most gearbox oils come in 3L bottles]. Apologies if this is in the incorrect section.
  3. Has your car ever beaten you up?

    My mate was drifting once, and as he went to grab the steering wheel as it was snapping back mid entry, he dislocated his little finger. Pretty hilarious, him staring at his finger screaming as the car was sliding sideways.
  4. good respray joints in adelaide

    All Type Crash have always had a really great reputation in the scene if you're out that way.
  5. Did the OP say he was speeding? Don't pollute this thread with your elitism, there are countless people who have lost their licenses because their P plate has fallen off its suction cap etc.

    They have in the past, but it's stuff like having the key still in the door of a commodore etc. The organised groups are generally more intelligent than that :\
  7. They have an interstate database regarding loss of license, disqualification, etc. Also he should have gotten his 4 points when he got his P's. Are you sure he's disqualified? He should have 1 point left, unless he breached his P plate conditions (e.g. more than 10 km/h over the limit, over 100 km/h, etc).
  9. Nah fk that, I've worked two soundwaves there and we clean up inside the jail after the concert (all the bands/artists stay in the cells in the jail, very cool). So much weird shit has happened while we've been packing up, random doors shutting, hearing hushed voices from empty cells, flickering lights etc etc. I swear a ghost came up and talked to me while I was in the grass area of the jail in pitch black by myself packing up chairs, talked to me for about 3 minutes about how he was in a band and they were smoking up (weed) in the cells then he went off, came back and realised that all the artists had left either by their bus or by their plane at least an hour earlier. Later on while clearing the cells I heard the rankest strongest smell of marijuana I'd ever heard, but we searched every room in the wing and they were all completely empty. Like this was the strongest weed smell I'd ever f**king smelt and there was NOBODY around except me and my coworkers. Good shit
  10. Yeah register it with the old engine number, then same day or another day go to a different/same serviceSA and tell them you want to change the engine number attached to the VIN. Just tell them you got a mechanic about to drop a new engine in or something (which is basically the truth in your case). Just make sure the old engine number is clear (not from a stolen VIN etc).
  11. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    my mate and I in the 8's had fun playing with you guys hahah yeah loved that stretch! was going to keep playing but got a solid slap on the wrist from the missus and sort of slowed down after that
  12. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    Agreed - it sucks, and it shouldn't be the way things are (having to notify cops). I 100% agree with what pyro said about defending yourself. However, it is the way it is, so big ups to the NS guys putting in effort of organising the cruise regardless of the complainers. Side note, I was a bit confused when the maps we got didnt actually have a map on them. Pretty straightforward though I suppose. I was in the red renault clio with a few other mates (green focus rs, etc)
  13. I travel from around Hallett Cove all the way up to Tea Tree Plaza / Houghton once a week/fortnight - only a small hatchback though, but like this idea.