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  1. 2012 Soundwave

    I hope SOAD play their older stuff though, never liked their newer stuff as much.
  2. the i remember my first beer thread.

    I was 14, Managed to drink about 8 Woodstocks until I started vomiting quite violently
  3. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Anyone had any success in using the six axis app through a custom ROM on this yet? I'm pretty disappointed I currently can't use my ps3 controller for my emulators
  4. I'm 21 and I've just bought a place with my missus, best decision I ever made moving out. Weirdly enough though I actually speak to my family more now than when I was living with them.
  5. Home Internet With Fast Upload

    Internode offer Annex M if you choose a SOHO or Business plan, which is roughly 1Mbit compared to your normal 256k/512k upload speeds. Work's out to be roughly $10 more a month to be on a SOHO plan compared to a normal Home plan.
  6. Post up your internet speeds

    Internode 240gb internet cap
  7. Minecraft

    Another good local server is the one that internode hosts, Mc-1.games.on.net for anyone interested.
  8. The harder the material you use, the less tough it becomes. You have a trade off between how much strength you want vs how much shock you need it to take without breaking.

    I purchased some n1 coilovers and an intercooler, great communication the whole time and I recieved my parts pretty quickly too. Ill definately be buying from ISC again
  10. you guys use Private Torrents sites?

    I have a spare invite to freshon.tv, awesome private tracker for tv series. HD eps and great speeds. If you can show any stats from other trackers to show your capable of uploading then the invite is yours .
  11. 7 Months ago I was caught doing 120 in a 60 zone ( school zone too apparently ), by an unmarked cop car. Lost my licence for 8 months all up and a large fine but that was it. Didn't recieve any extra charges, nor was my bike impounded either. I was simply told I had 24 hours left to drive before my licence would be disqualified.
  12. HT.Net:- Hills Cruise VII

    Could I get a PM Please too?
  13. Black Smoke

    They've always been reliable when I've taken my car there
  14. Insurance on 180s

    Most places tend to have like an extra $1000 or so they stack on top of your normal excess if your under 25 too, so make sure you know exactly what your getting.
  15. Got mine at 8am today, fits perfectly