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  1. Price : $800 Condition : Used Veilside wheels genuine 3 piece wheels 18x9 -5 2 have new tyres wheels have marks and niks on them and 1 rim lip has been repaired and will need polishing 5x114.3 $1100 or may swap for 18x9.5+12 wheels ie rotas Alex 0423216772 windsor area
  2. Price : $50 Condition : Used garage clean out Sr20det igniter - $50 tps - $50 rocket cover - $50 S13 silvia tail light garnish - $50 slave cylinder - $50 bare sr20det head - $50 s13 f1 mirrors, 1 mirror glass has been replaced and is put in ugly and paint is chipped - $50 s13 stainless after cat to after diff 3in exhaust (center section) - $50 alex 0423216772 located in windsor area
  3. Price : $300 Condition : Used GENUINE Bride passenger seat with rail for s13,s14,s15 $300 oil cooler and relocater $150 Sard Fuel pressure reg $100 Steering wheel and boss kit $100 also have heaps of other parts off sr20de, altenator, pumps, intake manifold and more Sr20det rocket cover $50 Sr20det standard coil packs $100 Sr20 N/A throttle body $100 Sr20de Auto tail shaft $50 S13 rear tail light garnish $30 LOCATED IN WINDSOR AREA NSW ALEX 0423216772
  4. Price : $450 Condition : Used going a weld in cage so i dont need this anymore S14 bonds bolt in Half cage with added harness bar $450 Alex 0423216772 located in windsor area will send pics via sms
  5. Price : $2,800 Condition : Used i have recently thrown a rod and now selling up and going lsx again parting out complete running gear TRUST td06l220g 8cm BRAE steampipe manifold, trust style TIAL 44mm external gate braided oil feed and oil drain custom dump pipe TRUST air filter All in perfect condition made 308rwkw on 20psi on E85 only 5 track days old $2800 Alex 0423216772
  6. IDA D-Day 9th April 2012 Wakefield Park

    pretty keen for this aswell
  7. I want to downgrade in turbo size that's why I don't care about the power gain. I have been researching and and I see that td06 turbos don't kill sr motors as bad as the bigger 3076 turbos, not to sure if it's the way they come on or there design but I'm just trying to save my motor a little and make a little less power to save the driveline too
  8. thats the reason i wanted to change, cause i saw that nigel was running one and it is doing sik especially for a drift car
  9. ok so your saying if i want a smaller set up go a Trust td06 or like a garrett 3071
  10. i am really considering to sell my gt3076r turbo and buy one of these td06sl2 20g as i want a smaller turbo for realiablity in my drift car is this a good decision???
  11. what oil to use in a rb25 gearbox for drift use

    i wish it was the drive shafts cause there cheap and easy to replace lol
  12. what oil to use in a rb25 gearbox for drift use

    box was about 7 track days old
  13. what oil to use in a rb25 gearbox for drift use

    box felt awsome, no crunches, smooth, no noise maybe just some bad luck, oh well ill just put the new one in, wack some shock proof in it and hope for the best
  14. what oil to use in a rb25 gearbox for drift use

    it didnt brake from clutch kicking it broke from a 2nd to 3rd gear shift under load