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  1. R34 assistance please!

    ayye thanks for the replies. How much did it cost you to fix and where did you take it? its got a couple of other issues to fix as well, cracked strut bar and a few other things.. thanks mate
  2. R34 assistance please!

    Hi all Hope everyone is keeping well. Just wanted to ask for an opinion regarding a gear problem in a R34 skyline that he bought locally here. It drives well except when shifting into 4th or 5th gear he describes grinding and unable to shift smoothly into the gear. However, once it is in it seems to engage and goes alright (does not stall). Does this sound like a worn synchro/ gearbox? Where would you take an R34 to do some work on and what are the estimate costs you looking at? Thanks for reading!
  3. K-Mart Waratah experiences..

    yeah, it would seem like that they had changed it even without inspecting the lights. got it fixed now by replacing the brake light switch.. don't think my friend will be chasing it up with them re: charge of bulbs etc but definitely ain't going back to any of them again. cheers
  4. K-Mart Waratah experiences..

    Thanks for your input mate, I have been passing through while parked going to the Mater and they always look like they have good business at Alleys. Says they are a 4x4 specialist though? But will check it out. Well, it doesn't seem like an outrageous decision to make for the person in the average pop.. I am not as super car savvy as most of the fellas here and am glad to be learning something. Won't be making the same mistake again.
  5. K-Mart Waratah experiences..

    Apologies, I have edited the thread appropriately. As per previous post, i had prematurely posted it. heh
  6. K-Mart Waratah experiences..

    sorry mate, i had tabbed and accidentally posted the topic before finishing. please feel free to comment and advise.. Thanks
  7. K-Mart Waratah experiences..

    Hi all, I don't post around here much but am mates with a couple of the guys on the forums here.. (Hi Ryan and Lenny). Thought I would share the experience 2 of my colleagues had with servicing their cars in the place as per topic. Scenario 1 My mate with a 98 Toyota Starlet went for a major service the other day and this was the cost breakdown; service $129 rego inspection $33.6 tires $356 cv shaft $ 217 driveshaft $145 wheel alignment $49 ferodo TQ disc pad $169 brake disc rotor $178 brake fluid $56 battery $120 door handle 126 rhf outer door handle 97 He paid a total of about $1700 incl taxes. The following day while driving home from town, the car started developing a horrible crunching sound while driving home with his friends after dinner and I picked him up from where he stopped. The next day, he risked it and drove it back to Kmart who said that it was a loose screw somewhere and that it was "a common problem with old cars". This had never happened throughout the ownership of his car and they seemed to think that it had nothing to do with the service done the day before. They fixed it tho and no charge. Scenario 2 Another mate of mine with a Ford Falcon EL went in just today for a pink slip and service and was told to leave the car there over the day. One of the issues was that the brake light was continuously on. He was called and notified that a few parts had to be replaced including his rear muffler, fluids and oils, indicator and brake lights. We went over to pick up the car and what I could remember of the bill was that the muffler cost $260, and a strange charge of 10 oil filters at $13 each and various other oils and consumables amounting to a total of $860 (will update this later) During the payment, I spoke briefly to the manager regarding the change of brake lights as they were still working before and was only faulty because it was on all the time. He replied that it was because of old age. This confused me as the brake lights were still working and i didnt see how changing the light would fix that problem. I also queried the oil filter charge and the manager said that it should have been 1 oil filter, however the total cost of $860 would still be the same. At this point, he took the old invoice and spent 15 mins++ making some changes. We got the invoice back which had the oil filter billed correctly and was told it was all fixed up with no explaination, and the total cost was still $860 which tallied when adding everything up. At this point, I was smacking my head for not retaining the previous invoice and adding up and scrutinizing the previous invoice !#@$%.. We then checked the car to see if the brake lights were fixed. This problem was still there and the same bloke came round and said apparently it had been miscommunication at the front desk, where it had been reported as "brake light not working" when my mate had actually told them it just always was on. It sounded like they had changed the brake lights without even testing them (which i thought they would have done in a pink slip). He said the switch under the brake pedal had needed to be changed and that despite this, it would pass the pink slip anyway. He only offered to book it in another day for it to be done again..(? cost) I found both of these experiences to be rather unsatisfactory in terms of their service and was wondering what you guys thought
  8. LWNSXC defected...... agian

    sorry to hear about your experience mate.. good luck in clearing them defects