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  1. STI Short Shifter

    enojy ur gearbox while u can it wont last long with a short shifter
  2. mechanics in newcastle

    spend the extra cash and do what i do go to powertune in sydney http://powertune.com.au/
  3. Go Kart challenge!

    ive got a nice 12.5 hp motor engine has clutch and all that ive got the tools to build the frame just looking at wat metal im going to use going to get a mate to help my do some fibreglassing the formula saes are monsters lol gl with the project put some photos up
  4. Go Kart challenge!

    Why not suggest this on Boost Cruising where your opinion might be accounted for? or are u just to dumb to know how to build one?
  5. Go Kart challenge!

    why not build carts as a project and then find a track and race them lol
  6. Go Kart challenge!

    when?? lol might be keen might beat ally again lol
  7. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    spotting spoolin the red 180sx and the orange 200sx at caves beach/belmont way
  8. i used to work maccas security in newcastle maccas i just dont get it when someone throws a chip at u its like u just shot his best friend or something. if someone threw a chip at me id try to catch it in my mouth and if i get it in i yell SCORE! but all maccas are screwed its like everyone that goes there thinking there a hard c**t because they hang out at maccas at 12-4am honestly i wish we could round up these dero fks and put them in a pen and let them kill each other
  9. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    i just clicked Marked As Read at the bottom of the screen and yeah made it heaps easyer to tell wats new and not
  10. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    no idea about the insurance but this happend on the 12th
  11. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    spotted this dumb driver at jb hi fi at kotara god it was funny
  12. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    Well if there singapore Noodles serve me up a bowl
  13. Tuesday night Steak Meat......I mean Meet.....

    looks tasty does it come with noodles?
  14. FS: AVS model 6 16's

    lol i could get the centerlink loan of 500 they would fit the lantra with no problems but nah not wasting money on it anymore