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  1. Make : CHRYSLER OTHER Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $15,000 Condition : Used Hey all, Purely EOI offering my Galant mainly for swaps. But as per forum rules price attached. 1975 GC Chrysler Galant Engine Specs; ENGINEERED 4G63 Vr4 conversion with papers GT3540 turbo Top mount manifold Rx7 injectors Evo inlet manifold External gate Screamer GSR galant loom ARP head studs Haltech sprint 500 ECU tuned very lightly to only 15psi Turbo blanket 3" turbo back exhaust Heat wrapped dump pipe Drivetrain and suspension specs; R154 Supra 5 speed Nissan 720 rear differential with locker Sigma brakes Sigma green struts Lowered srings New HD clutch New thrust bearing Electrics; Alarm System Boost gauge USB AUX ect Cd player 4 speaker system Surge tank and fuel pump in boot Aftermarket central locking kit New battery Wheels; 14x7 +0 Cheviots Excellent cond tyres all round Aesthetics; New Jet black respray (windows out and everything) Reclineable Recaros (excellent condition) Stock Black vinyl trims and rear seat (no rips or splits) Rear venetian Resprayed grill and tailight garnish Aftermarket carpet Retrimmed roof and pillars Greddy metal gear knob Sunroof (aftermarket) Tinted windows The top end has been reconditioned with receipts. Lots of receipts for all the small things that usually need fixing on cars post engine conversion etc. All gauges and electrics work on the dash. recent work includes refacing flywheel, spiget bearing, gearbox oil, exhaust flange, new clutch, engine oil and filter. as i said lots of receipts.... OVER $13,000 WORTH OF RECEPITS IN LAST YEAR AND A HALF. NOT INCLUDING CAR PURCHASE, ENGINEERING, ENGINE AND DRIVETRAIN CONVERSION, OR TURBO SETUP. To make some real power all ya need to do is upgrade the cams and or crankshaft and she'd be a weapon. Only bad point is the gearbox needs new bearings i think. Found a full kit for $300 posted. Still deciding wether to do it soon or not or garage the car for a while or sell it. Probably lots ive forgotten but you get the idea. Same as most people, love thir car, spend to much money, then consider something different eventually. price $15,000 fairly firm. But quite interested in SWAPS for other turbos or V8 of interest be it new jap spec or aussie old school. Cant afford to put cash on top so its straight swaps or swaps + cash my way. Send me through some offers with details and pics if interested. Car located in southern suburbs. 0422603195 or kenv555@hotmail.com
  2. The car's stolen this week thread.

    nah the rex aint been found yet. he doesnt want it back. its considered a write off after 2 weeks so he counting down for that now. just sucks coz he hadnt changed the insurance yet to include the xt7's or teins he just put on
  3. gearbox rebuild

    i need bearings done an 1j R154 box. prefer southern side of town if possible. any suggestions for places?
  4. The car's stolen this week thread.

    mates blue wrx with xt7's got taken from my place at brighton week and half ago. bastards
  5. Mazda 929 - $3,200

    Make : MAZDA 929 Transmission : Kilometres : 151000 Price : $3,200 Condition : Used Selling my daily work commuter. Bought it 6 months ago and no longer needed. mazda 929 151,000kms V6 auto new front tyres new cd player 17's leather interior sunroof cruise control and full electrics etc not immaculate but in good condition. $3200 ono. located at brighton May take low offset 14 or 15" wheels as part payment.
  6. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    twould seem so. my mate almost rolled there another time too
  7. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    yeh as it rolled the front wheel was in hell soft mud which slowed it down. was gentle as. just sat there going oooooh nooooo so lucky the ground was soft. thats how ended up with like no damage. yay!
  8. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    been parking long?????? haha. na the car seems fine. will give it a good lookover though but drove fine on way home
  9. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    had the plan of a quick bash in the quarry. mate turned out ripping the tyre off his hilux. had to tow him out in the zook and i was giving him plenty of shit about it untill......... then as photos will tell i rolled my car. i slid sideways off the 1ft ledge and toppled. was with 2 mates so we were able to lift it upright enough that we could top it back to a flat surface. started first try and drove it home no worries. still plan to get it checked out etc but seems fine so far. only damage is one small dent in the B-pillar. all i could do was laugh as i climbed out the passenger window. i was actually discussing how much i hate my car is narrow track high top as it fair unstable
  10. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    i reckon the council has been through and done a bit or resto work. the boulders at the top had been removed and replaced recently. and the huge washout that was at the bottom that stopped me from trying it so readily 6 months ago has gone. was and easy climb this time. mate in the gu had a bit of spin on road tyres but still made it fine. was talking to a local farmer like 10mins after and he reckons the rangers are going to be out and about as the council is getting pissed at people driving on "closed" roads. they are closed due to a duty of care which means they have to resto the roads more often if open and amery was classed to dangerous for public access. found a deep water crossing along one track that was fun but to dark to get pics. was up to headlights in the old zook. she was spluttering a bit but made it through
  11. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    installed a cb in my car finally the other day. and bought the equipment today to setup diff breathers just need to make a snorkel and im set. had a quick bash the other day with some mates.
  12. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    anyone know someone cheap down south to regrease wheel bearings? if not, whats an average price to get them done? wana get the zooks done as ive hit a few decent water traps since ive owned it and havent done them yet
  13. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    working mate is going to try install a radio for me sometime tho so i wont be talking to myself next time we on a run
  14. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    im fairly sure the engine is from a vs. He didnt build the car. Pretty much bought it as is. But had few troubles with it so far, blew the diff, then blew tyres, then something was wrong with the engine and turned out to be a few simple problems, then blew the gearbox, then blew his new tyre. Reckon the are getting sliced in the guards under flex but cant confirm yet.
  15. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    yeh it is. Rolling on 34", v6, 2" shackles, 2" sus, snorkel, cb etc. It so damn high and has plenty of power