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  1. Medal Of Honor 2010

    won't stand a chance against infinity ward and their baby modern warfare 2 i've given up on ea failure after failure with the nfs series and i don't think their new mma game will stand a chance against the new ufc undisputed..
  2. Whaling

    whaling is wrong and it seems selfish of the japs to keep doing it when they know that it's driving whales into extinction
  3. what's some of the more unusual stuff you're into?

    just randomly started listening to dubstep, it's pretty dope... dj's like caspa and roscoe etc
  4. urban dictionary

    f**kin lol @ this shit!
  5. drunken stories

    *subscribes to thread*
  6. drunken stories

    fixed. brilliant!
  7. drunken stories

    you can't do that! i've had many a story waking up at random places a long way away from hoomeee.
  8. Top gear

    loved that white drug dealer evo heyy

    FFS! im actually so sick of it! i thought it was supposed to come out not long after prologue. this has gone beyond ridiculous and if the game isn't perfect an abusive letter is coming SCE's way..
  10. The Best Ad War in Recent Memory

    those ads are f**king brilliant!
  11. Best time to drink beer?

    definately day time beeries are the best. find a blacony or spot in the sun. a source of food is needed and chiller beats and nothing beats it!
  12. you come to expect something like that from queen st smash *face palm* and ed hardys for wankers anyway