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  1. HARDSTYLE thread

    Defqon is coming up so we need a hardstyle thread! we got the hard trance thread, theres hiphop house electro and rnb threads so i figured we need all us spastic kids to have one for us. Post up your favorites, great hits and whatever your rocking too atm! im just loving this at the moment, when zany dropped this in melbourne so f**king hard the other month it was amazing love that aggresive shit!
  2. Price : $4,000 Condition : Used Up for sale is a full set of near new perfect condition limited edition te37. They are black with red stickers in 18x9.5+22 at all 4 wrapped in basically new kumho ecsta 235/4018 tires. They were run on an evo 6 and very looked after, have been garaged with car for past few months. Please send an SMS to 0423665453 if you have genuine interest no time wasters. These need to go! Pics coming shortly Located springvale vic

    i want a dori
  4. he is still going to get charges for endangering life, dangerous driving, misuse of motorvehicle. i speak of this first hand, the speeding charges get dropped or dismissed and everything else still sticks. the legal costs werent given to him, its paid for by legal aid. I know legal aid paid for my lawyer from a private law firm. so the article just words it differently to make it look like the judge awarded that to him. Read the article carefully, it only states they couldnt get his speed. I had 57 charges for my hearing and it got dropped down to 7. The guy isnt getting off scott free, the article is misleading.
  5. bmw 323i e21 questions

    honestly, this is not the forum for you.
  6. Coming from melb to syd for defqon 1

    anybody got any more footage or photos of me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPsp08vA9vQ
  7. Coming from melb to syd for defqon 1

    stupid gabber! i was killing it at orange for some time lol vids inc!
  8. Mercedes SLS AMG tunnel flip!

    obviously cgi'd...
  9. Coming from melb to syd for defqon 1

    the whole species of gabba and lads need to have a genocide.
  10. Coming from melb to syd for defqon 1

    lads = ppl that look like pom wankers looking like idiots dancing to hardcore
  11. Coming from melb to syd for defqon 1

    Phd is closed mang ;'(
  12. Coming from melb to syd for defqon 1

    OK GUYS f**king 9 DAYS TO GO! ill be flying up but have my mates that will be driving up
  13. actually its not what you get what you pay for. its what you pay for the brand.
  14. I think he was calling 55psi gay, lol. Anyhoo, cool clip. Good to see people with expensive cars doing more than just looking at them yehh obviously calling 55psi gay was saying shit like nice toned arms and stuff so it must have been a chick or something along those lines LOL at you though godzilla, taking stuff over the internet seriously HAHAHA your gay. oh noes, i said it on the internet so its definitely a personal attack at you! : )
  15. Ben Cusins Doco

  16. Cheap mobile phone options?

    who is your internet and homephone providers? if they are with telstra aswell, combo it up and receive 10 bucks off your mobile
  17. CETFLY: What the hell is with this?? Dont be so disrespectful So this wasnt making sense to me, for what reason I have no idea, but it was driving me crazy! Im not an idiot, I just wasnt understanding it all for some stupid reason. Telling me to shut up isnt helpful and is rude and uncalled for. Im new to these forums and have came here to get help and advice. Not have crap thrown like this! Im trying to research as best as possible and have most likely read other forums which have had it wrong and conflicted and added to the confusion. I was put onto this thread from another member whom Ive bought some gear through and just happened to ask about wheels and what works with the 180's. He gave me this link and said I should ask on here what the go was with wheels. I work away and dont have time to read all these pages. I mentioned that when I first joined this thread. Id just started my new job and have been constantly exhausted from the work I do and burning the candle at both ends. Not sleeping enough and trying to piece all the info together when Im already beyond tired made it harder to make sense when the brain was already fried. Some of the confusion was with talk of concave and dished. I thought they were the same, but theyre not. http://www.tirerack.....jsp?techid=101 Im coming from an all-FWD background of 13+ years so Ive never had to look into rims at all compared to these RWD/drifters. Its made sense to me now, and looking back, yes, it really shouldnt have been that complicated. I took today off work to get sleep as I was just really not well. It helped this afternoon when it all made sense. When it did I was kicking myself over it, but then again, things can be explained to someone in a way that makes sense to them, but not to the other. Eh, its all done now. Thanks a lot to the boys who spent their time helping. Apologies for it dragging on and being frustrating. The ^^ above definitely contributed to all that. Ive been reading a few other sites and thought this might help some of you lads when youre changing width and offsets so you know exactly how much room you will (or wont!) have on your setup http://www.1010tires...tCalculator.asp
  18. Melbourne Autosalon - 28/29 August 2010

    wtf is judge dredd? i wanna see matt black dori pigs dented panels and zipties, super slammed with mass froffset. will this be supplied?
  19. mel you smell im funny
  20. Asians at watergardens yesterday arvo?

  21. april next year would be good >.
  22. Asians at watergardens yesterday arvo?

    im only young still, turning 21 later this year. so i missed out on alot of the older gen side of things. no kryal for me, looked insane. just gotten more into the scene past year or so, so umm i bubble and 3d atm only atm since nothings open anymore. went to kiddfectious, zany, final phd, creamfields, amnesia black, summadayz, future, kmg. plur club should be opening up soon, king of clubs will have a night...next major thing though defqon i dont know anybody exept lcd off ns that go out with and that can do the boogie, but i do know lil bit of the older guys who went hard back in the day. recognise me? im on the right
  23. HARDSTYLE thread

    My rave rant - each rocker hardstyler, clubber, hard music listener, substance taker, sickcunt, muzza, ghead...have a read. lulz, plur The scene is dying before reaching adolescence. Killed by the media which in turn basically govern the authorities and killed by blow outs, where the majority is the one left to suffer, because of the actions of the minority which are publicized. The problem is not hard dance, the problem is not the clubs. the problem is the media, government and police making assumptions and acting on them to suite the Nana nation that Australia has become, to suite the ratings that the news is tailored to broadcast to, to bring power and more votes to their political campaigns. What is shown on television? "3 people arrested and behind bars overnight on the melbourne dance music scene these people would have supplied party goers with illicit substance that has the potential to harm or kill" Cut to brief video of lazers and some random tech music, cut to some uneducated ignorant, acting macho fool, bad mouthing the police and media, and then cut to a some leading statistics annalist to say some more bullshit about the bullshit being said. The nanas are left feeling "those damn young hoodlums, doing those drugs, wasting their lives, harming other people, they should go to church and pray for their sins!" *old naggy nana voice* "ill vote for X politician coz he said hes going to put more police patrols to keep me safe from these criminals" sorry i just wanted to have a rant >.