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  1. BNIB Genuine Nissan S15 Leather Gear Knob

    still available?
  2. S15 Front Bar - Pewter

    Pick please, or PM me a pick
  3. Yeah I did a lot of research with air cups, their good but you're only limited to 4 inch raise & drop. also they are expensive to do especially on standard struts. Also very little few places do them.
  4. S15 part out

    Pics & Prices on cabon fibre surrounds, roof spoiler and if u have a d-max boot spoiler? cheers
  5. Nope they're not K Sport, Air ride tank & VI AIR compressor & hoses, struts are air ride as well it is a second hand system but i've seen it work. so no instructions come with & cant find online as this subject is not a popular/common with s15's reason I'm asking is, Not sure if I need to run dual batteries (currenty have a dry cell) If i dont need to run separate batteries do i need to relocate? also need to know about hooking up e-level management. I appreciate any advice given that will help me.
  6. my bad my bad, typo above, i've rectified it, tank takes roughly just over a minute to fill up. I still need help for installton if anyone can help?
  7. hi everyone, new here

  8. As title ^^ If anyone is selling the above, Drop a coment with price, picks & Location or PM Me:)
  9. S15 Engine Mounts

    standard engine mounts?
  10. Summer is coming, Lets get some meets happening ? Olympic Park strip would be good spot
  11. Facebook has so many car forums now, you can literally find anything. alotta p platers been crashing silvia's lately
  12. Ah really? well I only have 1 compressor which is more than enough apparently & fills my air tank in 67 seconds. Do you know if the alernator was upgraded as well? I think you're right tbh, However I've been told to relocate my battery to the boot & run a separate battery :/ any chance you can confirm? that's the plan man, currently building my car for show & shine sorta speak, custom kit from Japan, new wheels, new paint & bags. I don't want massive power, settle for looks, Plus No more scraping on speedhumps,drive ways & west sydney shytty roads with pot holes everywhere will def add photos & create a progress thread
  13. Yeah a lot of people won't agree but this aint no track car no more plus i like the option of raising it with speed bumps/drive ways & sacking it when parked. Thank for the battery advice though