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  1. Is tupac dead

    I'm going on what I've seen on youtube, clearly it's all fake, just sharing what I've seen.
  2. Is tupac dead

    I don't beileve any of this bullshit, but these are stories I've heard, personally I think it's bullshit and don't even know why I'm wastig my time writing it. But, illumitiati is a cult of freaks which worship saitan, apparently (bullshit) 98% of hollywood is in the illuminati, they sell there souls for riches and fame, anywho apparently pac was going to tell people about illuminati and there secrets, he was shot as a warning (7 times) then when I he was going to tell the second time he was killed. In my opinon it's all fake, illuminati isn't real but nobody can prove this so. But anyways go and waste abit of time by watching the denver airport consipracy on YouTube for shits and giggles.
  3. Put your itunesmusic player on shuffle and hit next 10 times

    Usher - U remind me Mario - Why Elias - I do Jackie Boyz - She's not perfect Trey Songz -Cant help but wait Craig David - One more lie 2pac - Until the end of time Biggie - Everyday struggle Trey Songz - Already taken Rank 1 - L.E.D Let there be light
  4. Is tupac dead

    I know this thread is old now, but still put my 2cents worth. I've heard a few different rumors about what happened to him. First of all, when pac was first shot (7times) he then was shortly sent to prison on charges relating to rape or something similar, anyways whilst he was in prison he read a book about a Italian journalist who faked his own death for 7 days, once he was releasted he then began calling himself makevali and had the album the donkillumati : the 7 day theory. Seen as it's been longer the 7 days, and 7 years some suspect it was 17 years that he were to fake his dealth. Also I heard that he illumitiati killed him. Personally think they are both lies, I beileve that he was killed.
  5. Which way to go

    Budget will be probably $5000-$6000, but how many p plate jdm mx5s do you see around? make it something different, turn heads. Getting the ford would have been good, but he is getting rid of before id have enough.
  6. Which way to go

    Thanks for the support guys, exactly what i want to hear I love the fact that not many p platers have got onto the idea of mx5. Love the jdm-ness of the NA Mx5's
  7. Which way to go

    Yeah didnt think a Mx5 would get a heap of support, but i've read that they are rockets through twisties from quiet a few people. But i can also see what you mean about hairdresser looking for stocko's, so of course i'd make mine a one off jdm monster. I asked my mechanic a few months ago which sort of car he'd suggest starting off with, he said has to be manual, rear wheel and that toyota and mazda would be his picks, and the mx5 fits the critera on my budget. If i could turn into into something similar to these id be pretty happy.
  8. Which way to go

    We'll turns out that his getting the GT in January, and i wouldnt have had enough money until may at least. So i'm getting a NA Mx5
  9. Which way to go

    My step brother wants to upgrade to a mk2 fpv gt, he offered to sell me his 2008 Falcon xr6 ute 6speed for quiet cheap, which is really tempting. Or I could go a na mx5 for quiet alot cheaper, not to sure which way to go about it being my first car. Suggestions would help, thanks in advance.
  10. Who?s Who of NS-Victoria

    Sorry to post abit late Name: Rhys Age: 17 still, 9 months until 18 Location: Rowville Car: None just yet, wont be too long. Occupation: KFC & RMIT(sba)
  11. P plate transplants

    Oh serious.. well i feel like a goose now.. Thanks guys
  12. P plate transplants

    oh serious, that sucks thannks guys
  13. P plate transplants

    Khello Alrighty, not too sure about the other states but in vic, engine mods are illegal, and as far as ive seen so are donk transplants, but if the engine 'dies' would you get an exemption for a swap? Thannnnnnnnk you (sorry about spelling btw)
  14. Auto Ca18de

    I've decided to wait until i finish yr12, work my ass off until then, should have about $20,000ish and either get rx7, rx8, autech s15 or 34 gt skyline. Save having something that wont require any work and will be able to keep for a few years. Will only have to wait like 3 months after i get my p's to get a car, wont be too bad.
  15. Auto Ca18de

    Yeah insurance is know eh, insurance is gonna be a killer, but has to be paid. If i dont get a s13, then im thinking r31, as i few people have suggested, but 6cly so will eat abit of petrol, or possibly crx, e36 318i, mx83 cressida, sw20 mr2. Just cant make my mind up on any of them. The mr2 which is a friends is really cheap but requires some bodywork, so pretty much anyway i go i have to spend abit of money, like transmission with s13... Thanks for all the comments, helps alot