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  1. For sale z34 Nissan 370Z gearbox low ks

    Item: Nissan 370Z gearbox Description: super low ks 44000 Price:$1600 Location:Central Coast nsw Willing to post?: yes e-go should be under $100 depot to depot I can drop to Berkeley vale 2261 if you want an exact quote Contact: 0428329313 A lot better than z32 and z33 box stronger and better syncros
  2. 180sx alternator question (attn auto sparkys)

    Where is the voltage regulator? I have actually heard of that problem before That's the thing took first alternator to get tested and he said it was pretty bad but not completely rooted
  3. 180sx alternator question (attn auto sparkys)

    Removed battery terminal for a few seconds while checking with multimeter and it diddnt spike. Just stayed on 11.5v :/ Will keep that in mind for next time
  4. 180sx alternator question (attn auto sparkys)

    if i get battery jumper pack, earth housing of alternator, power both whites and run test light from power and other end to white/red and test with multimeter will that be enough to test while alternator is mounted to car? obviously while car is not running will sit at the voltage of jumper pack and while running the car will go above 13v? might have to try that with another test light. although i use that test light to check power antennas (voltage through test light triggers antenna) i think I'm just confusing the situation haha.
  5. 180sx alternator question (attn auto sparkys)

    tried with snap on test light (globe type) one end to power other end to light wire (white red) it came on bright and the one on the dash diddnt light up at all
  6. any help would be great as I'm racking my brain. done some wiring. car will start and run even with battery disconnected so alternator is running car, charge light is flickering on and off. rev it up, car dies. tried another (second hand) alternator charge light still flickering but this one will run car. checked all earths good (even added extra) hooked up jumper leads to battery and charge light goes out. multimeter tested thick white wire going into alternator reading 11.5 volts. checked thick white coming out 11.4 volts. checked lamp wire (thin white/red) 11.4 volts. have tried running thick power cable direct to battery and linking thick white and white in plug as well as running test light between them to white/red. (try and excite biapassing dash) and test light flickers same as dash. have even vice gripped big cable to alternator housing and ran direct to earth on battery with no luck. got first alternator tested he said amperage is fluctuating but still reading 13v could i have 2 dud alternators? or is there a better trick to test in car.
  7. Spewing! What is the resistance? I had a blocked one, powered it up and sprayed it with injector cleaner (spray). Then pulsed it a few times. Was fine after that.
  8. Did you get that in Oz? Rocket industries sell it. Recommended by a fair few people. Haven't had a drama since using it.
  9. So you guys are convinced its fuel related. The workshop that just serviced them for me seems to think they are just cheap and nasty, he flow tested them. The test results we're good when they were fully open but while pulsing them results were all over the place. Car makes good power while they are working. Been running an addative to the fuel to help lubricate everything and stop corrosion hopefully it helps
  10. Not sure weather it's injectors 100% any idea what he did? Was thinking could be ecu running a nistune.
  11. Was coming on here to search this topic haha. Had 1200cc's in my rb25 for about 8 months. Running e85. 3 months ago, Do a track day go to start next day injector 1 not firing? Pull out rail check everything. Resistance on that one measured 28 ohms. Rest were between 11 to 11.3 on the rest. Purchased another 2 injectors from five0 "just in case" sure enough 2 months later same thing happened. This time multimeter just said O.L Removed rail and noticed filters were starting to corrode. Removed all filters. Installed new one. Everything is currently fine. Connected five0 they insisted me if I sent them back they will be replaced. When they received them they refused because the injectors had marks where they were removed. They will not shed any light as to what could be wrong with them. As for soloution don't want to go top feeds cause I like the stock plenum. Have order another 2 just incase it happens again. As for corroded filters five0 said that is the fuel I'm using, whereas ebay add says fine to run e85?
  12. Oran Park Cup - 3 Night Drift Series

    thats why i suck just finished putting in my new gearbox. ready for the next one. might try some different tyres on the rear for the next comp.
  13. Oran Park Cup - 3 Night Drift Series

    bah haha, you call that last minute. last minute would have been 5:15, not 6:30 jokes. how did those nexens go with a little air
  14. Oran Park Cup - 3 Night Drift Series

    i think the way you set up the night was good, just a little more help from the competiters would help the night run more smooth. as for starting it later, i dont think there is much point. everybody should be aware that they are entering a comp. if you want to practice go to an IDA day. it is good getting there just before dark so any trailered cars can be unloaded in the daylight.