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  1. Sr20 Flywheel bolt specs

    I used arp 2.0l Zetec focus flywheel bolts from rocket
  2. Hey there I'm after a genuine type x 180sx front bar with side extensions Willing to pay generously for the right thing located mid north coast nsw will travel thanks Call 0four23zero600seven1

    Hey gio, I run ls1 coil packs on my p11 ve they have a strong spark and are easily replaceable, if your usin a p12 rocker cover you can run an s15 splitfire setup also , ls1 throttle body (4" mouth, 3" butterfly) has a port in the mouth to plumb in a remote iacv
  4. E85 Fuel Filter

    I run a 10 micron serviceable speed flow unit
  5. sr20det to sr20vet

    Go a ve piston and save any hassles if you want to run anything bigger than a p11/12 factory cam down the track
  6. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    Yeah it's worth looking into mate, I'm running a 3.5 turbo back with a high flow cat and a 4" muffler and it's quiet as and flows really well
  7. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    P12 cams won't make a huge difference I'm still runnin p11 in mine, 3.5 turboback will help more than anything, are u sure your solenoids are working?
  8. Thanks trunya! do they clear the strut? I was looking at supra fronts but I wasn't sure if they would clear standard struts with the camber increasing as it launches,
  9. That's a good start thanks blingy Hoosier recommend An 8-10 I really need a 16x8 + 40 , not having much luck finding any lol
  10. Roughly 10-15 mm I'd say to avoid flaring the guard to much and still giving it enough room to come in when it squats if I ran an rx7 rim they'd be too for in with a standard rear strut
  11. there a pretty high profile tyre so they bag out at the top i was thinking something like an rx7 or jza80 rim... the tyres are hoosier r3s04s
  12. just wondering if anyone has experimented with offset on the rear of a 180 running a 255 50 16 and whether they can shed some light on what wheels to chase im currently running an r32 gtr rim with a 255 50 16 and wasnt too keen on flaring the rear arches, its standard height with 0 deg camber any advice would be much appreciated thanks
  13. The Ultimate Sleeper

    Are u still using the vvl or is it deleted?
  14. The Snowball Effect : LS7/T51R S14

    Subscribed! Are u using a starter relo kit?
  15. Nissan Silvia S15 RB26.... Version 2

    Nice build will keep up with this one for sure