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  1. Nissan Silvia S13 For Sale

    Hi, i think you may have mis interpreted my ad. I haven't mentioned anything about rebuilding the SR20DET, it was straight out of a wrecked 180sx as for the 95km, the ad says 95,xxx - which means its done 95,000 and more because i'm still driving it.
  2. brakes not working after up grade

    did you put the calipers on the right way, as in the nipple is on the top of the caliper? bleed the front brakes again, and remember to pump brake to get pressure, then hold down, release brake fluid, with brake pedal being pushed down, tighten and repeat process with other brake. then it should be all good, if still no feel in pedal, you have problems. I upgraded my S13 to S14 brake calipers and kept the master cylinder, bled the brakes a few times, then all good!! no spongy pedal feel
  3. Lucas Pads are the way to go! I installed S14 Brakes on to my S13 with TRW Lucas Pads (which are rated to a heat of 500Degrees C) they are great, best bang for your buck pads you could ever get Just go though the brake pad sticky in the tech section, you'll see the testimonials from other users!
  4. from what i've found, if you can get some 4/5 stud rims they usually are designed to cater for bigger brakes. Not many 4 stud standard wheels will clear 4pot calipers
  5. Mate, nice work, gotta love the inbreeding! Haha
  6. best/safest jacking point

    drive your car on to some wooden slats, then jack at correct point or use regular side jack, get it to acceptable height then use trolley jack to get it up
  7. best/safest jacking point

    this is what Nissan suggests
  8. mate post up pics of the sr in the C33!!
  9. yeah if the motor is dead then try to remove it from the assembly, then you should be able to turn the cogs that make the window go up freely, then get some thing to lock it in place. that should give you a closed window for you to fix the issue, or at least no get jacked when your car is sitting there
  10. engine conversion looms

    Its pretty much plug and play, as in you retain the sr engine loom and you plug it into the standard ca body loom, with slight modifications of one clip/cluster. If you research you will find.
  11. Market Value

    the market value it probably all your going to get for it. you could try to push for replacement value, as market value is what most of the cars cost on the market, but to replace what you had it may cost more than market value. but theres not much you can really do cause your claiming on his insurance. though you can call your insurance company and get them to chase replacement value for you... depending on what insurance you have.
  12. ^^ So your saying that the electrics and everything else is plug and play?? If so all i need is a working SR compressor a regas and i'm chill'en!
  13. I know about the difference between CA & SR compressor, what im trying to find out is if any one has done it successfully? before i go and waste my time & money trying to achieve something not possible
  14. Now the question is: Has any one converted their engine from CA to SR and retained and maintained a working air conditioning system?? I have converted my CA engine to SR ages ago, but havent put the a/c compressor back in, if i bung that back in and gas it up, will the electrics be all good to get it running like normal?? I dont want to go ahead and do all this work with it blowing up in my face Please some one let me know if the have done it!!! thats all i need to know, then i can go forward with it!!
  15. the easiest way to get the olive thing out is to use a wood screw, ie self taping screw drive it into the olive thing, and use a claw hammer to pull it out. the olive thing is just like a teat thing that joins up with the standard line. But since your using a banjo bolt you dont need it there. this way you wont get leaks from using washers