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  1. Sorry for posting a reply so late, thanks heaps Flying!
  2. Nope! sadly it's only this one topic! it still says I have 1.7K posts though. Sucks because I wanted to go look back at things, or find threads to reference to other people. I've helped answer alot of questions and people seem to be reasking so I'm trying to link back!
  3. Hey, So it's been a while since I've made a post, but today I went back because I wanted to find some of build threads of mine and such. but when I click on 'topics' in my profile nothing comes up. Any ideas?
  4. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    WTB: Some nice 4x100 wheels. HOLLA@ME
  5. Spotted this at AJD. So more amazing in person, I love it! With the missfire, I also suspect the CAS, however it could be the igniter, if it does it more so if its warm? edit: just read you tried that, borrow a cas from someone?
  6. Spotted White Elgrand on South Road wednesday with roof racks with ladders attached! I was in the little white micra, spotted you in the morning and afternoon
  7. BUMP! this is on tonight!
  8. I was just thinking of this car today and wondering where it went! Im a massive fan and wanted to buy it when it was for sale just didn't tell my 180 in time
  9. Brought this little goodie from JDMobession :3 I also scored a mp3 head unit, no more shitty cds with 17 songs on them! this should be a treat for posing in maccas!
  10. I have never lol'd so hard, how about Mt Loft, Summit?
  11. Nissan forsale section

    Having the same problem Moneypit Go to search car parts or cars in SA and I get shit from all over states. Wouldnt have this problem with the old way
  12. hahahaha I feel like joining a few of them together like a zidzagg to see what happens, for the lols How bad does it really hurt flow? It sounds okayish, I'll upload a video shortly. Also sold the ute today Imma suss for some new wheels! Also yesterday I did an open mouth grill mod similar to this
  13. Okay, So after having a 355mm drop saw explode and still only able to find half of it, I've jumped right back onto it and made this.. to Untill that day I had never picked up dropped a dropsaw nor migged a mig. My first plan was to go over back wheel area (not to sure you call it if it has no diff?) then have a pipe hanging out on a angle like the ricer civic d00dz have, but I couldn't get the angle right without a pipe bender So I thought it would be better if I went for the stock look, so I used the stock muffler box by cutting off the end of it (so it sat better on the hangers) and changed a few of the rubber hangers around so it does not move around and looks stock! (Cooper always loves to help out, he also loves to move your tools and nuts/bolts when you are not looking!) I made alittle 'dump' tip at the end, because I wanted to move some of the heat to the ground away from the fuel tank. When I get better and get a pipe bender I will make something up better!