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  1. there not talking about defects thats a different matter I dont completely agree with the law but if someone gets hurt by someone doing stupid shit they should be liable You've looked too far into the reply and missed the key point of it being only an "assumption" . If the police suspect or "assume" you've been breaking traffic offenses on your own property, they have the power to fine and hand out infringements where they see fit as according to their powers. It's nothing but a money grab.
  2. Classic Dyno and Performance in hackham.
  3. ^ then how is it that you can be defected on the assumption of your vehicle being too loud or too low? ....because you can and because the police can do whatever they feel like at the time
  4. I've done work there and know the manager. Pm me details and I might be able to help
  5. Had my s15 tuned there with good results. And had many other various cars through there for other things all with quality work.
  6. Have come across another issue. When using the mobile version of classifieds in state particular (i.e. go to SA - latest classifieds), there are the options to change the "view by" and "sort by" shown but when changed to view the classifieds to "list" nothing happens. Also, there is no simple "next" or "back" page buttons. This would make browsing simpler. IF possible, can it be a simpler case of clicking "latest classifieds" and then have it so all latest classifieds come up as a list view with an option up the top with "select category" which then goes into all the other refining options?
  7. Limit it to ONE advert listing per person in each category. Sick of having to scroll through a hundred different car adverts all from the same person... And on that, it's things like people parting cars and listing each individual part in a new thread. Also like that stupid AVC car yard that is spamming. Why isn't this being kept under control? Would make it much easier to find things.
  8. Price : $150 Condition : Used Gots standard rb20 turbo sitting around i don't need as my car was stolen. Was only running 10psi when removed and in good condition. Comes with intake snout and rubber intake hose and also the return emissions control lines. $100 Also have a full r32 air conditioning system because of above reason.. $50 Southern adelaide. 0435803330
  9. R32 gts dash conversion

    I've done a heap of research into it also but came up with only s13 dash into an r32 and also a half proposed idea/ plan of an r33 dash swap. The hardest part would obviously be to get the dash to line up neatly with the windscreen and match door cards etc. Also, the gauge cluster and which one will fit/ work may present some issues as well as relocating wiring up the steering column for indicator and wiper controls. And just a side note, if you can't be bothered in the end and just want to hide any dash bubbles or cracks, there is no dash mats ever made for an r32. Custom is the only way.
  10. r32 skyline SR20 conversion?

    Try looking here http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&safe=off&client=ms-android-telstra-au&tbo=d&source=android-browser-type&v=133247963&q=sr20+into+r32&oq=sr20&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.1.0.41j0l4.2392.9763.0.12423.
  11. less silvia more jzx

    Saw this up close. (assuming it was in front of your house so won't mention the suburb). The prefect example of a 100. Incredibly jealous haha. Had to wipe up the drool.
  12. Driving track cars on permits

    Never had plates on mine. Also had huge track pipes, low and stickers all over it. Never had a glance from the police. Just walk in and they ask for vin/engine number and a list of roads you'll need to take to get to your place of repair (i write "most direct route").
  13. Driving track cars on permits

    You can legally get it on permit for "mechanical repairs" if you're getting fabrication done. If they ask, you say you're getting things fixed before it gets back on the road. I used to do it all the time to get new tires.
  14. Well played sir. This is why i generally keep my mouth shut around these parts lol. In the case of the diff (now that my education on the subject has been further increased).. Yep, exactly the same sounding effects as my old kaaz 2way. Deal with it.
  15. Yes, shimmed. Fir reference http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/164288-diydiff-shimming-for-r33-gtst/ .. OP stated that it is just an LSD GT PRO. Not a 1.5way it 2way.