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  1. Selling a car Obligations

    once you buys the car its his car....not your problem
  2. hey guys looking for decent price mobile car pre-purchase inspection for a car about to buy anybody can recommend a good one? thanks
  3. Japan in January - What to see

    is it east hiring car there? when I was last there I tried finding upgarge using public transport and got lost couldn't find....I'm going back soon and I really want to go to upgarge
  4. I went to this awesome one in Virginia....no f**king around choose what guns I want...they showed me how to load them and that was it....no one standing there watching me had it all to myself just unloading clips....last one I went to was that Las Vegas shitty tourist one...they have some dude stand next to you the whole time loading the gun for you and it was expensive as f**k!....if you can find a local one there pretty good
  5. documentary junkie?

    this is one about a UFO sighting here in Melbourne Narre Warren area back in the 90's
  6. Where are the good foods ?

    mitcham road Kebabs....best kebabs in melbourne!!
  7. Show me your comedians!

    andrew dice clay
  8. what have you found in customers cars thread.

    these IT stories are great!!!
  9. Best program for downloads.

    ratioless private trackers
  10. Raspberry Pi

    planning on making a htpc out of this bad boy
  11. KONY 2012

    how come everyone knows about Kony but no one knows about building 7?
  12. Honda forums / advice

    check out ozhonda forums
  13. DJ Moto and DJ Fluke - Club joint and Brooklyn Anthems

    lolz I remember DJ SEFU cd....I remember my brother use to love that album and you had to buy it behind the counter at mighty music on chaple st...anybody got the DJ SEFU mixtape?.....memories right there....great thread by the way
  14. I Need More TV !

    United States of Tara The Sheild Brotherhood some of the best shows you will ever watch