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  1. Tig wont work well with argoshield, it will contaminate the tungsten by introducing carbon. The mixed gasses really are only usefull for thicker alu as a bit of helium can do wonders for penetration. As for pure argon and mig welding... will be a very high narrow although deep penetrated weld. look like junk. Tried it when i only had argon left. I like to use a mesh in the cup. It allows you a longer stick out without getting contamination, handy for hard to reach places when you dont have a super small fancy tig setup like kemp
  2. If you mentioned the WT (1.6mm) then you would have gotten tube either way. I only asked because i could picture you getting some 5mm thick steam piping or something lol. Would explain your sudden shock in pricing.
  3. What wall thickness man? did you ask for pipe?..... Or tube...
  4. My responses were as ignorant as the replies i received from op. I like how you try to 'debunk' someone else just because you nor your friends can do something like that. That guy has tens of videos on deadlifting and that 695x10 was his best from them all. If you looked him up rather than talk junk you might find how dedicated this guy was/is from a very young age and rather than pretend he's using fake plates give him some respect. anyway, i'm done this is heading in the wrong direction again.
  5. well your right, it's 695lbs x10 Why delete some posts? It's only a forum i'm sure he can take it on the chin like everyone else... Why would you call BS on someone (multiple vids of this guys lifts, all fake plates right???) maybe check out his whole vid selection and you can watch that guy progress from the age of 16 @ almost 400lbs... Then call BS. It's ironic that you remove posts because people are pointing out the obvious on 'driftkid' but your happy to call BS on someone elses hard work just because you can't do it. For the record he was aiming for world records before he hurt himself during heavy squating... Maybe you can BOTH have a read of his blog http://www.youtube.com/user/geoleeman#g/u And learn something. He has more inspirational things to say than you can imagine, thats why i'm a fan. Or maybe call BS and pretend he's a heavy drug user and cheated his way there with fake plates - be jealous if you will.
  6. Thats my point. Most people realise when your bulking you get allot stronger, but you look like shit. keep going and you look even worse. It's not just about looks though it's about health and being overweight is bad in lots of ways. That is my point to you. A nutritionist who does not understand this concept? If your post referred to training alone i wouldn't even reply, your lifts are impressive no doubt. But your nutritional advice for the vast majority isn't worth much when using your own body as an example. The reason i posted the videos is so people could see lean and strong is possible without lots of drugs. Maybe i should of posted this video also, when he weighed 400lbs... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L7ksdoRN64
  7. Not one to burst any bubbles. Strong is strong. but lean and strong is healthier. IMO true understanding of nutrition would merit yourself allot leaner. Your not healthy at that weight, even if you are strong. This guy was almost 400lbs and STRONG 'george' geoleeman/ babyslayer. Then he made a change for the better. maybe you will too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kHjZhzxxpw&feature=channel_video_title http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kR3wKIzSpA 700lbs x10 reps....
  8. Post your Gym vids

    Less distance to lower the bar plus it's like doing a decline press whilst using a flat bench... Just like doing a deadlift with your feet 4foot apart. Completely useless to anyone unless doing a powerlifting comp. Not having a bash at anyone just answering a question. Powerlifting is as much about technique as it is strength.
  9. I'v seen a couple pipe welders that looked awsome. Walky walky all the way round. Problem was freehand on anything else it looked below average. Heres one i'd saved. I can see it's been weaved over the top but regardless it looks pretty (i guess thats the problem with tig, very easy to trick people) Hopefully people wont get angry at my stinky mig weld among these tig trophies.
  10. what pre work are you using?

    I dont see how that will work for you? No where can i see the headstrap.
  11. what pre work are you using?

    DY noxpump is good. only problem is for new users not being able to sleep.... Good focus and no real crash.
  12. I have two meals of salmon each week. One of the lowest in heavy metals and highest in omega 3's http://www.fda.gov/food/foodsafety/product-specificinformation/seafood/foodbornepathogenscontaminants/methylmercury/ucm115644.htm
  13. Thin walled stainless like that, fusing should yield full penetration and no worries about strength if done correctly IMO. Thats the beauty of perfectly cut joins and thin gauge. Only a problem if using alu as it has a tendency to crack if you fuse it.
  14. just want some advice..

    Wait what? You cant decrease bodyfat and build muscle as the same time? Oh ok then. What a load of sh*t. Some people, to make sure their body is at optimum nutrition levels will overeat to ensure such an environment. Then there are those who will attempt to get closer to the mark and stay lean whilst building muscle. Of course, always the ones who will eat noodles for dinner and wonder why they dont grow. Unless your aiming for 2% bodyfat there is no such truth to your word. 10-15% is where people should be looking to stay IMO. More muscle = faster metabolismn = more food required. Lean or not. Fat is simply the result of bad calculation to your diet. Your such a smartass every post i see. Show us a progress pic phaggot. I have pics in my old training journal from feb 2008 they are still there if you cared to look.. I was 75kg then and now i'm 94kg. Don't waste my time on here anymore apart from being unable to hold back and post comments referring to idiots like yourself. bicep light effect hero's. Your physique would be fine if you didn't stroll around pretending to be something your not. To me your just a footy jok. Skinny wearing a beater on the beach thinkin they are the shit. If your back was half the size of your head i'd be impressed unfortunately you have one of the smallest backs ever posted on this forum. Well done.