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  1. 1jz 180sx

    Yeah, seems pretty decent for tire size and alignment. Really crazy how 235s manage so much grip with your power. Spoil us with more crazy vids ! Get some 5-puk clutch or smth. ACT or smth. They are really good. There is a guy in Canada, running a JZX90 1JZ 400hp for 2 years, 500hp for 1 year, over 1.3 bar. And some button clutch (bulleys or smth) for 4 years. From stock to 500hp. Still no sign of wear and holding up. Same factory engine, he did go through 3 or 4 gearboxes though. Alway blowing the 3rd gear.
  2. 1jz 180sx

    Seen your S13 vid, looks so much rad ! What did you do to make it grip that hard in the rear ? Just wider tires/lower pressures ?
  3. It was Carby 2.0l. A CA20S. This little geazer not only wastes a huge amount of fuel, but doesn't even deliver a drop of performance for moneys spent. Total failure ( Thanks! It was 2litre carby Stay tuned for the update, guys ! I'm gathering all the materials to sum it up and post ! I won't be as brutal and fast as the first effort. Will keep you guys busy for couple minutes during your lazy work days haha.
  4. More destroy than a build, mate thnx!) Hmmm. Didn't think it was that entertaining. Its a f**king PLUS anyways Thanks, man !))
  5. More pics of my epic fail Clear and vivid, WOT till the f**king end. Never lift off huh )) Don't f**king know what was I thinking about. :shock: Comment that shit guys. And I'm preparing an update on the car fix for next battle madness and scars f**king lucky I didn't roll that damn boat over
  6. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Man! More RB20 screaming vids ! I love that little engine
  7. haha, cheers, man! I did post that shit on driftworks first. Thanks, man ! What do we have in common that is ?) I wish I could f**k around a bit Budgets are tight, bro))) I hope that this build will insipre a lot of people in drifting world ! I love drifting and hope we all step up in the game, not forgetting how fun it is. And also dangerous. Its fast, but not insane haha)) Thanks! Will keep it up!) I'm from Russia, Moscow. Work in China, Beijing now. Thanks for stopping by. I'm happy you guys like it. Keeps up the energy to roll on. Seems to be the firey pits of hell. Dude is insane to smash that in a short couple of weeks. One hell if a read man. Thats not done with smashing ))) Cheers!)))
  8. Small offtopic bitches My malaysian friend drifter Ah Fai (Ser Meng Hui) also joined the WDS with me. Ser Ming Hui | Formula Drift Indonesia Everyone probably have seen his youtube vids: [video=youtube;p44fSxv_dSg] "] He has alright skills  And he is very popular in malaysia for his big ass black cop glasses and tight jeans. Ah Fai is f**king tandemer to say the least. haha. He is also some malaysian drift porn movie star. Some say he is the most recogniseable drifter in malaysia. Its for you to decide. In 2010 he also joined the WDS with me, but his car was far from being complete. So we shared my shagged C33. Btw, he did became popular in malaysia for his drifting with A31 Cefiro. He still uses A31 in his Thailand drift competitions. Though he always insists that I change my car to something coupe-ish or less-doorish. I tell him to go jump of the roof instead:) In 2011 he came to TianJin for WDS with his last years car. Built in China. But with a lot of gremlins:) А31 Cefiro with RB25DET, GT3582R , 444сс inj, Adaptronic ecu, OS Giken twinplate, and suspension wise it was identical to my 2JZ A31. I think some malaysian witch put a spell on a car. Everytime has something go a bit wrong haha. Like: And then we push it. Ah Fai lazy f**k. Rides his broken bitch. Not even pushing it. Engine dead btw. Oil from cam covers got on to exhaust)) With his car dead he spent most of his time getting sun tan or f**king sun burn beside the track telling me some stories and discussing the strange paranormal tarmac movement in open stadium drift tracks. Wtf? Of course I listen very carefully. But in the mean time I was just so tired and bored with all those tarmac pussy stories. Went to sleep for a while Lets get to the judges Tarzan and Tao Mega legit guys. Yamada-san meets me on every event with the same question: Andrey, when u...change....car. hahaha. These guys really have something against my car, right ? Pisses me off haha)) Afro. South African guy. It was first time I met him. Heard he is drifting for 17 years already. I got to give props and huge thanks to him. He really helped us out anytime, and was super eager for me and AhFai to join the race. Really awesome support. Never forget, Afro! Respects to you man! Hope to see you again. No questions about their judging that is haha. America...america haha)) Fellas from so friendly to Soviet Union people United States. So who are they? Matt Powers Not the first timer. I think his first time was in 2009 in TianJin WDS. I was driving my daily A31 RB25 back then. Guys have been struggling with piss of shit broken cars before, but now they brought their small nuclear weapons along. Matt got a mini-speced version of his FD S14. So simple, like LS1, Gforce 4 speed dogbox, huge ass tires in the back. And some Powers vinyl wrap or paint job. haha Kyle Mohan Kyle is f**king insane dude. One man army, universal soldier, Jean Clot Van Dame or smth. Kyle could replicate himself and be in several places at the same time. Like being a mechanic, wrenching somewhere, than driver smashing it out on the track, promoter and girls magnet))) I couldn't figure out which Kyle I talked to though haha. Love your driving, man! There is something magical in the way FC flicks around when you are behind the wheel. Kyle was driving his well proven FC3S. I really protest, man! This car had infinite revolutions. No fuel cut. f**k. Rev rev rev rev rev rev rev. He did smash it a bit. But nothing major. Everything was ok. Ross Petty Reggae-pump iron guy))) Really cool dude. We did chat for quite sometime about Formula D in US, some politics in drifting. Wether drifting had any more steam in US and etc. Ross represents us fellow grass roots ! So props to you man! keep it up, fair game ! Let the war begin, said peacefull reggae guy Ross ))) In WDS he drives an RHD S14, ex Formula D RSR car. Ross is like, a drifting wall janitor)) Sweeping the dust of any wall out there. You should see him. His handbrake loves Ross left hand or smth I remember the first time you guys came over to China, back in 2006. To Beijing. I went over and saw you guys having fun in the parking lot, near that stadium. Shit so impressed me, that I bought my first drifting car that year. You were a little kid back then haha. And of course JR JR is a pomoter. I know why Ford and Monster like him. After you see him or talk to him. You wanna go drink a box of monster drink, become Hulk and steal a Mustang, drive it like you stole it and never come back haha. Cool guy. Was cool meeting you and talking to you! JR btought his 2004spec Mustang. Or well he said so. Or I forgot. Nevermind. haha. Even if its that old technology he did f**king kill at the track. He really knows how to drive that big ass car. When his monster mustang enters the stadium, you can forget about any other exhaust note. Your eardrums are under V8 attack. f**k yeah. Rear tire width: 295. Soon the opening ceremony will begin. Sure stadium is not the best suited for drifting tracks, but for a drifting show its really the BEST. Judge for yourself I got super sexy and got into speedhunters coverage. Thanks fellas! http://speedhunters.com/archive/2011/10/06...ttle-china.aspx Larry Chen Got inside my ceffy, seating on some paper box. Since its ONESEATer. Marshalls wont let anyone inside the stadium area. So I drove him in and he catapulted from my car as soon as we got inside. Actually Larry is a f**king WDS Veteran! Props to you man! Keep it up! Love all your work! Me and my ceffy chiling. Not smashed yet............))) And of course my best cheaters mod out there;) Does it suit for a promotion ? And JR parked his Mustang near my beatifully smashed cefiro for some photoshoot. What a guy, a ? ))) Thanks for your time ! And hope to see you all soon! Bam!
  9. http://player.56.com/v_NjM0OTk3NTI.swf DSCF0020 -???? ???? ????-56??? Some of my practice runs. HKS Fcon VPro had some error resulting in having a very early RPM cut. You can hear it from the video. I was so stocked and tired that I didn't care nor I watched a tacho. I thought I was so mega cool that I could reach the 7500 rpm fuel cut lol))) When red s13 240sx convertible left, I had barely no powersteering left. Which resulted in my first understeer crush haha. All others were oversteer haha. I mushed my oil cooler on that run. So while my friend was looking for a spare oil cooler for me. I borrowed a car from a friend. 240SX S13 Convertible with RB25 that we put new turbo someway during the build of my A31. Here me having some sideways fun in S13. http://player.56.com/v_NjQzMDcxMzE.swf http://www.56.com/u86/v_NjQzMDcxMzE.html http://player.56.com/v_NjQzMDcyODI.swf http://www.56.com/u61/v_NjQzMDcyODI.html
  10. http://player.56.com/v_NjM2Mzc4NzQ.swf http://www.56.com/u69/v_NjM2Mzc4NzQ.html 20:58-27:19 First TOP8 run with Saito. 74:35-81:10 OMT and Napalm Death)))
  11. Yeap, you are right. Its the only road legal cheap to buy cheap to mod RWD car in China. But its a very rare sight on drift comps. Especially big ones. People look down on them. And nobody really did go and developed anything good with it. Just bought a premade S13/S14/S15. Sucks - yeah. But whatever )). P.S. That RB24S (S for carbed). Is pretty good on gas compared to RB20s and RB25s haha. And I did learn the basics of drifting with it. So you can't say it was undriftable. I had one way LSD back than. And 14 inch steelies. It was way to much fun haha.
  12. Cheers! I did really put some effort into that. Car is not going to be scrapped. For real. And updates are coming. Thanks!
  13. http://www.56.com/u4...jM0MDIwMTQ.html http://player.56.com/v_NjM0MDIwMTQ.swf On the OMT run with Saito. About 30mis after the first run. Judges said they had some communication problem and couldn't get us on the track last time. I changed one tire at the rear. Different tread and direction, also thinner wheel. Went to chase Saito. Start in 2nd gear, shift to 3rd and nailed it in. Was nervous to get too much of a distance between us. So stayed on the throttle through first corner. I did realize my rear grip sucked. It was my mistake and it pretty much sums up my driving skills(( The most I thought is about Saito in the front and that maybe I would clip the outer wall just a bit But I f**king lost it)) Rear hit the wall to deep and I stayed on the throttle thinking I would be able to steer it out of the wall. And all it did is smash my front and trail it down the wall more. Anyway it was my mistake and it pretty much sums up my driving skills(( Oil cooler was on the left side. It was the first thing to get busted by the mighty concrete. Oil drops on to something hot and I get fire. Seeing fire near your right foot is not a pleasant site. Don't do that at home haha. Jumped out of the f**king car as soon as I could. Knocking down the track marshal or smth.
  14. And the most epic fail of the night