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    nice clean prepped weld areas, how some people can think thats exceptable for a roll cage is beyond me. Fair enough having a shonky as f**k exhaust manifold but a roll cage is a different story
  2. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    I'll be there thats for sure
  3. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    on a 16" rim they are both 33", the 70 and 75 is side wall height which is a percentage of the width so 70% of 305 =213.5 or 8.4", 75% of 285= 213.75 or 8.41". So 16.8" of sidewall plus 16" of rim is 32.8". Thats my maths lesson for the day
  4. Two days???? I have done road closures before for the event and believe it would be a bit closer to 4-5 hours they have their driveway blocked. and never 2 days in a row I also know they get quite a bit of notice that the event will be passing by their house, good mate lives on a road both ahtr and targa adelaide pass through I know a majority of the people I spoke to while doing closures loved it, coming out to watch the cars even setting up bbq with all mates around
  5. Probably something along the lines of this..... which is bullshit. http://www.adelaiden...3-1226328151242
  6. One of the main events I look forward to every year is the Adelaide hills tarmac rally, as I help out with a mate who competes and it is run on some of the best roads south of Adelaide. Now it seems while these local councils are more then happy to have road closures for some bullshit bike race every year but they are now unwilling to have these closures for a well organised and smoothly run tarmac rally. Going against a huge majority that are happy to see the event come through. Absolutely pathetic in my books. So the event has gone from 3 days back to a 2 day with the possibility of there still being more councils joining in on the rejecting.
  7. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    got a couple of thumpers on the weekend, one took a whole large 25cm+ tommie the other took a tiny scrape of squid mixed with a chunk of slimey mackrel which had been defrosted and refrozen a few times. Hooked at exactly the same time when we were 5 mins away from throwing in the towel as the action had died off (already had 9 ruggers and 1 probably mid 60's). Biggest went a smidge over 90cm.
  8. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Hopefully mine snaps before warranty has run out then 550's just have leather trim, sat nav and couple other wanky bits and pieces over the stx But anyway back to real 4x4's
  9. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Tow bar is getting installed next week. This was a demo model with 800km on the got it cheaper then a 4 cyl nav. Never heard of electrical problems with these, they start having overheating issues with steel bullbars and spotties fitted something i dont have and wont be fitting, although the bar did save my patrol on a couple of too hits, haha
  10. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Turbo diesel v6, factory claimed 180kw and 550nm of torque. I'm getting 11L/100km with giving it a bit of stick here and there which is better then the patrol ever did
  11. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    after driving the nav around for a little while now, it's got me thinking. Why the f**k dont they put the V6 in the patrol? the 6 in my old ute would have been brilliant, would have made it twice as good as it was and it was already pretty good. It's probably also the most boring car I have ever driven/ owned
  12. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    So i now have a glorified shopping trolley, got an st-x navara. The 3L turbo diesel V6 model, goes good for a big ute. Will do what I need the occasional beach run and lots of towing. My patrol ute got sold for next to nothing to my dads mate. When he picked it up he was telling me about these chrome wheels sitting at home that will go on it, poor car.
  13. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Cheers I lost a powder brown tang, 3 days after purchase to broklynella parasite while in quarantine. After a bit of reading it's a good thing I did quarantine as they say brook can take a whole tank down in under 12 hrs if let go. Also lost a dispar anthia to carpet surfing a few days after that, and currently have another anthia hiding in a cave with a bung eye. Been there for over a week now and doesnt look like he's eating so dont know if it will survive.
  14. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Ranger does nothing for me in the looks department. 70 series dual cab would be perfect, apart from the $65k price tag for the shitty "workmate" base model, might be a bit too much to ask for a work hack
  15. Aquarium Chat Thread

    My 4fter is coming along not too badly, had a couple of fish losses though which suck. Got a fair few new corals since this pic too