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  1. Hey all, I've got our Honda Accord Euro for sale as we have upgraded to something bigger. We've had it for 4 years, second owner, very well maintained car. Full leather, sunroof, heated front seats, 8 airbags etc. Car has done 132,000ks, full service history and good tyres. Also rego til around June. Located in Plympton Park, looking to sell asap as we don't need or have the room for 2 cars! PM me for more info. Asking $12,800 ono
  2. Any Idea Why I am Having This issue?

    my memory aint what it used to be then...
  3. Any Idea Why I am Having This issue?

    hey unless you've put a new alarm/immobilizer in, the headlights never flashed when I locked/unlocked the car using the remote button. From memory the indicators didn't flash either.
  4. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 105000 Price : $18,900 Condition : Used Hi all, I have decided to sell my beloved 2001 S15 200SX to fund my business ventures. I've had it for 3 years and it is easily once of the cleanest examples going around. I spent 6 months looking for this car, I flew to Melbourne to inpsect cars after nothing suitable showed up in Adelaide and even in Melbourne all the cars were crappy and overly modified. This car actually came from country NSW, i trucked it to Adelaide and it was everything I wanted. 100% Stock, low k's, serviced and very very clean. The only mods i have done is a Fujitsubo cat-back exhaust (Model RM-01A which cost me $1500 from japan) and an Apexi pod filter. I have the original Nissan Airbox if you want it. I have dyno charts and service history from Graham West Workshop in Adelaide. If you are after an original and non-thrased out S15 then this will be your best choice guaranteed. Be quick as I dont think it will last long. Oh and it comes with the awsome "SIL 015" plates too!
  5. Home Office - Harder than you think

    I struggled with the Home Office situation for a while, i think it takes a lot of discipline to be able to do it succesfully. Having a 2 year old kid at home also makes it quite hard! I've managed to get ontop of it now and just do what needs to be done. Sometimes I miss going to work though, more for the social side of it.
  6. who has made a completely diff Career change.

    I've just changed career paths again recently....from a 10 year IT career to selling Wedding decorations on the net to my new business which is selling Nachos! We import nacho chips, cheese and nacho machines from the USA and i know it sounds like a sales pitch but these are the tastiest nachos you will ever try!! www.muchosnachos.com.au
  7. Hey all, i've heard there's a Skyline/Supra track day for April this year at Mallala but cant find anything bout it. Just wondering if anyone here knows something? I'd ask on the Skylines Australia forums but not a member...
  8. 140rwkw in stock ADM S15?

    Why did the mixtures need checking at all dude ? Is it "tuned" or not ? If so, what is done ? There's nothing to tune on a stock silvia anyway except maybe check the ignition advance. Change the fluid and the plugs and youre done. BTW a pod filter with a stock exhaust will do bugger all. They do bugger all anyway. My first S15 did 128 atw stock and that's the best I've seen personally. The Aus cars conme with 147 at the fly so it's a happy dyno for sure. I call shenanegans. . I wanted the car checked out so when i'm hammering it at a track day next month i dont cause any damage. I've only had the car 6 months and want to be sure i can drive hard with confidence. I know just a pod filter will do bugger all for power gains hence my suprise at getting a 140kw reading on the dyno! No shenangans here...i'm not into talking shit for the sake of it.
  9. 140rwkw in stock ADM S15?

    OK sorry for all the confusion....I use the word "tune" quite loosely and i should have used a different word. The car is completely stock except for an Apexi pod, the dyno run was just that, a dyno run, the ECU has not been touched. This is what the workshop report says: "Began dyno power run and test but ceased due to lean mixture fault" "Traced fault to Fuel Pressure regulator hose split, failing to compensate for boost" "replaced hose and resumed dyno tests" I've scanned the dyno chart. I was just suprised by the fact that a stock S15 can put out 140rwkw is all (142kw to be exact!). I'm assuming the dyno at Graham West Workshop maybe reads higher than other dynos as in theory the car should be putting out around 120rwkw.
  10. 140rwkw in stock ADM S15?

    It was put on the dyno to make sure the mixtures etc were OK as i'm doing a track day next month. Dyno was at Graham West workshop in Adelaide...
  11. auto-elec type person in Adelaide

    sorry guys, yes when the guage lights up (ie headlights or park lights turned on) there's a constant 'buzzz' sound. Its not overly loud but enough to be annoying, other than that the gauge works perfect! It's coming from the gauge itself and am thinking maybe a problem with the earth/ground wire? but i'm pretty useless with this sorta stuff
  12. Hey all, i just had my stock S15 tuned the other day and they put it on the dyno for the first time. The dyno charts show it makes 140kw! Apart from an apexi pod filter this car is 100% stock, how the hell can it make 140kw? The SR20 in the ADM S15 only comes with 147kw at the flywheel like the S14s so that should translate to around 120kw at the wheels right? Is my car special?!?
  13. hey all, just wondering if someone can recommend me an auto-elec type person in Adelaide. I just had an Apexi boost gauge installed and for some reason when the headlights are on and the guage lights up there's a constant buzzing sound. The guys who installed it dont know why and i'm pretty sure it's a wiring fault rather than a faulty gauge. I need someone who knows about this sorta stuff to take a look, preferably someone that can come to me as i dont think it's gonna need serious work? Any recommendations? Thanks