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  1. Universal restaurant on Lygon st.

    Tiamos is the place to go. Food is awesome and definitely close to the best on Lygon.
  2. where to get my Wii chipped?

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Next level dude. www.ozmodchips.com check it out
  3. You my friend are crazy and a classic example of why you don't listen to advice on NS. Dude first of all go and see your Union. They will give you the best advice and let you know your rights. If you aren't in the Union for your industry, go there and explain your situation and generally they will let you pay an amount for them to help you. I have been overpaid by my employer which are Govt owned and I had to pay the money back. Granted I was offered to pay it back at a % of my wage per week (part of my work place agreement). In the end like it or not, the money that you spent didn't belong to you and it wasn't the amount you agreed on. I personally think that its crap that if you get overpaid you should pay it back. Alternatively you could speak to a HR Manager at the University or whatever. Just remember, document all discussions, keep notes, try to get things in writing where possible.
  4. Hey mate I think you need to understand that many people see the drifting community differently to you. They believe that you being able to use that track is a huge privilege not a right. Everything else is an even bigger privilege. If anyone f*cks up once, there was never going to be any warnings, slaps on the wrist or anything else, they were always going to come down hard. Just spend ten minutes speaking to Ben about how hard it was to even get a car on the track, let alone passengers, let alone getting away with putting whoever you want in there and to top it off get away with doing donuts on pit straight. They saw that donut as a sign of disrespect to the track/organisers. Right or wrong its just the way it is.
  5. Guys, The Poster needs to say "Win a ride with one of Tassies finest drifters Just letting you know before you print them out and put them over the state
  6. the computer i had wasnt factory its an aftermarket one. so really its up to me wether i want it unlocked or locked. how would you feel if an electrician did some wiring / modifications on your switchboard at home and left a padlock on it so only he could access it.. say a circuit breaker is tripped which is a matter of flicking the breaker back on . . . would you have the same electrician come back and charge you a service call-out fee everytime? i highly doubt it. same thing applies, izzy made it out my microtech was his property... seriously his a dckhead. And in a way it is. You only have to look as far as mines to see how they "protect" their work.. Before you get all shitty, I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing...I just think its ballsy of him to endeavor to actually protect his own work...you paid for a service....not the info on how to provide that service...otherwise I'm thinking you would have tuned it yourself? He paid for a tune. He got a tune. He then got his computer locked. Not just his tune. That computer doesn't belong to the workshop and he has no right to disable any use from it as such. On top of that, I don't believe there was any type of agreement to say you have any right to lock my property from use by this guy. And I'm sorry but a Mines vs Local Workshop debate? I think there is some slight differences.
  7. what talking shit about , i have run my drift r34 black one , which has a stock engine just turbo and tunning supports , im saying you dont need to spend 50 grand to run 11,s , all my customers have all being very happy with all the services and work done there at oh performance , today i have come back from my holiday house and asked my workers if there was any person complaing about any of the work in the last 6 years and there recall no one has ever said or come in so if some one got to say about there freind its just crap , if there was a bad issue they would just come up front not hide behind there freinds computer , Longest sentence in history much?
  8. sales/retail workers

    Meh I have worked in a Retail/Sales environment. If people swear at me I just say to them unfortunately I will not tolerate your swearing and I am now ending this conversation/meeting and hang up/walk out of meeting. Now swearing at me doesn't worry me in the slighest but when I do this it infuriates the customer. It also shows that I have the control not them. Customers come and carry on because they need something from you. As soon as you show them you wont take their shit they will generally come grovelling.
  9. Aquarium Chat Thread

    how long did you have the tank for?
  10. So I was thinking of going to Uni to get a degree while still working full time. There is a possibility that work would pay for it so I figured why not as it will vastly improve my chances of moving up in the world. Has anyone done an online/off campus degree? If so how difficult was it juggling full time work with school?
  11. Real or not: Proposal.

    Huh this is the real footy show. Fatty aka Paul vautin oh, the real one, with the game that they predominantly use their hands, and only rarely use their feet? As opposed to the other "footy" where they also hold the ball in their hands for most of the time and run around holding and bouncing it? BTW: "Soccer" is the real football. Asians call it football. South Americans call it football. Africans call it *click* *click*. Europeans call it football. North Americans and Australians are the only continents where it is known as "soccer." Soccer name fail. Yeah but we're in Australia man. AFL Footy is the biggest sport here. So it gets the title. If soccer was as big as footy, then yes, it may get the name.. But its not... I just hate soccer, thats all. Lol. AFL is the most WATCHED game in Aus. I believe that soccer is the most played sport in Australia. It's pretty easy to the "biggest" sport here when it has the most tv coverage by a mile. I used to love AFL to bits. When they have the BRUT footy flash backs on the tv before the game I could watch them time and time again but afl is not a great sport these days. You have to be an athlete with football skills, not a footballer that has some athletic ability. To think that some of the greatest players in the game wouldn't get a run these days is shit. The AFL Commision has ruined that game.
  12. Girls in Commentating

    Isn't it Kristy Malthouse? Mick Malthouses' daughter? Nepitism at its best. No offence but if she called Garry Ablett the little master one more time i was going to crack it. It sounds very weird having a female commentator thats for sure, I just personally don't think she had a smooth enough voice for it.
  13. PS3 MOD CHIP?

    http://www.ozmodchips.com/ This site is pretty good and will be most likely the first people in Aus to be able to do it (on a regular basis). They make a living out of modding things so there is a fair bet they will be accross it asap. Sign up for the newsletter.
  14. www.japanese-d1cars-export.jp/index.html

    I'm sure the OP feels heaps better now you have given him that perspective.
  15. haha yeah rat and alicia were saying he was over! Nice beast though thats for sure!